Recruiter Relationships – How to Manage Getting Scouted


Recruiter relationships are a key part of any career if you're good at your job! After all, you’re going to be in high demand! Figuring out how to respond to recruiters, how to let them know the information they want to hear and how to best maintain that relationship is incredibly important. Whether you're looking to switch things up, or have nothing to do at work and want to get a leg up on the competition. Let’s get started and let's get recruited… Continue Reading

Open Offices & Open Workplace Etiquette


The rise of open offices has triggered a sort of “open office” revolution for a humongous amount of workplaces across the country - it feels like the death of the cubicle! The rise in the use of open offices makes sense, though, since it’s easier for people to think in open areas, easier for them to communicate, and it saves money on office furniture (like partitions). Continue Reading

When is the right time to ask for a raise?


Sometimes even before accepting a job, you’re already planning for when to ask for a raise. The need for just compensation becomes harder to deny if you’ve been working hard for quite some time, and nobody has offered a reward. But asking for (and actually receiving) a raise requires finesse. You can’t just blurt it out in the middle of a staff meeting at the end of your first week. It’s normal to be hesitant and feel awkward when trying to find the words to ask for a raise with your boss. Money is an awkward subject, and asking for more raises the stakes. If you’re wondering about the right time to ask for a raise, we’ll be walking through a couple situations where it might be appropriate. Continue Reading

No Motivation to Work? Let’s Get Motivated!

no motivation to work - seeking feedback

Having no motivation to work is one of the biggest issues that the average worker might have to tackle in their career. After all, what’s worse then going into your office everyday only to want to leave immediately? Learning how to stay motivated at work is an essential skill, and it’s an art, too. It makes your work better, and it makes you better! Continue Reading

Why Do Mothers Prefer Online Baby Stores? Check 7 Reasons

Online Baby Stores

  Mothers always want to buy the best items for their babies. Their shopping expresses their love and passion. They don’t like to make a compromise at any point. When it comes to picking a shopping portal, mothers mostly prefer online baby stores. Do you want to know the main reasons why? If yes, then read on! Continue Reading

20 Tips to Start Saving Money Immediately

  Sometimes it seems like you’ll never be able to start saving money. There is always some expense knocking at your door. However, if you begin to take a lot of little money-saving actions today then you can actually start saving money easier than you think. Here are 20 tips that you can follow to start saving money immediately. Continue Reading

The Benefits of Exercise and Exercises To Do at Work


These exercises to do at work can have a huge impact on your mood and productivity. The typical office situation is sitting down at a desk for 8 hours every day, with minimal breaks or physical activities to break it up. This can negatively affect your health, but also the quality of your work and overall energy level. Sitting all day increases health risks and induces boredom. No need to run a marathon - it doesn’t take much to get major health benefits from doing basic exercises at work. So here’s why you should start exercising at work, and what exercises to do at work! Continue Reading

Do You Love Finance? Put That Love to Work!

loan officer

It's been said by many that if you love what you'll do, you'll never work a day in your life. Some people tend to tune out this advice, thinking that it takes a high-flying career as an entertainer or heart surgeon to yield this kind of satisfaction. That idea is wrong. The fact is that when there are routine things that you love to do or unique aspects of your personality, you should try to find work that lets you direct that natural love into what you do for a living. Continue Reading

How To Create A Friendlier, More Profitable Business

profitable business

  Ultimately, any business is a people business. While products or services are the end products of a business, it’s only what the products or services do for people that really matter. People don’t buy a 3-hole paper punch because they want more stationery, they buy it because they want enough holes to neatly bind their paperwork into a folder. And they don’t buy a computer because they want a plastic box on their desk, but because they want the ability to surf the net, or create a budget on a spreadsheet, or connect with friends on Facebook. Continue Reading

What Causes Work Depression and How to Deal With it


According to Mental Health America, 1 out of every 20 workers is experiencing depression. Much of what leads to depression is work-related depression. Let’s take a look at what causes work depression, and how to deal with it. Continue Reading