Morning Routines: Starting Your Day Off Right


Morning routines are an underrated aspect of maintaining sanity at your job, because they work! Having the best morning routine truly sets up the rest of your day for success, because it helps to set the tone for your day. Whether it’s a routine you practice at home, on your way to the office, or once you sit down at your desk, you’re going to want a morning routine that works for you! As humans, we thrive on the consistency and the comfort of routine. This means that they're good for our personal, professional, and overall health.  How do you create a morning routine that works for you?  Continue Reading

Why You Must Send a Follow-Up Email After a Networking Event

networking event

  Networking events can either be a total waste of time or a goldmine of opportunity. It all depends on your focus while you're there and your follow-up afterwards.  If you’re in sales, relevant industry or local networking events may be a great way to start a relationship with potential prospects. It’s hard to make a sale without trust, and it’s hard to gain trust without meeting with prospects in person. If you’re looking to change jobs or transition into a different industry, relevant networking events can be a great way to make valuable contacts that can directly or indirectly help you make your next move, career-wise. Regardless of your goal, it’s important to send a follow-up email after a networking event. But that’s not where your follow up should stop. Here are the best practices for sending a follow-up email after a networking event, and how else to make the best of your new connections! Continue Reading

Learn Something New Every Day

learn something new every day

Regardless of what industry you're in (or want to be in), things change on a near-daily basis and you will want to learn something new every day in order to advance. Whether it's new knowledge or learning a better process for getting something done, it's important to stay current to be competitive in today's tough job market. If knowledge truly is power, then you should do your best to learn something new every day. It doesn't have to be hard, or boring. And it definitely doesn't have to take up a lot of your precious free time. Here are several different high-level ideas to learn something new every day, for any person in any industry! Continue Reading

Finding Your Passion in Life

career passion

  It’s heartbreaking to think of the number of people who go to work day after day, year after year, and absolutely hate their jobs. Most people push down their distaste and apply themselves to “the grind,” hoping that someday they’ll magically fall into a job that they truly love. But finding your passion in life and working in a job you love is not something that happens by accident. The people who are working in jobs they love have worked hard to get there, dropping hints and making their true desires known along the way. If you’re wondering, “How do I find my passion?” and how to transition to a career that’s more in line with it, here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading

Workplace Problem: Self Importance at Work


Dealing with self importance on your professional journey is simply something that is going to happen. There are all kinds of toxic employers, co-workers, and customers, but someone who displays an intense amount of self importance could potentially be the most detrimental to your work. What does self importance look like? Let’s take a look… Continue Reading

Feel Confident: 10 Tips to Build Confidence at Work

feel confident - confident worker

Do you want to feel confident when you do your job? Of course you do! Everyone should have self-confidence while they’re at work, so learning how to build self esteem is actually an essential aspect of your professional life. Having confidence is key, not only to feeling good, but to getting the job you’re being paid to do done — after all, it’s called ‘employee of the month,’ not ‘self-doubter of the month’. There are certain things you can focus on to feel confident at work, in fact, here are ten ways you can build on your self esteem in the workplace: Don’t hate on yourself Nobody likes a hater, especially when that person is yourself! That’s why the first thing you’ll want to do in order to feel confident at work is to cut down on negative language. Telling yourself that you can’t do something, that you’re not good at something, or that you don’t deserve the job you have is never a good place to start. This sort of consistent negative self-deprecating can actually reflect in Continue Reading

11 Best Careers for Introverts

careers for introverts

Between open-office floor plans, high-stakes networking events, and constant pressure to "speak up" in meetings, a typical office can be a minefield of anxiety for introverts. Unable to produce creatively and often misunderstood, introverts come home from work frustrated and socially exhausted. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. If you are an introvert working  in an extrovert's exhausting world, it's time to plan your escape. There are plenty of in-demand careers for introverts just waiting to be discovered. Careers for Introverts Research suggests that introverts have their own unique power in the workplace, including a quietly influential leadership style that can be even more effective than the extroverted variety. The best jobs for an introvert may be less people-centered, but they can be just as impactful on our world. For example, Rosa Parks, a soft-spoken introvert, had the quiet confidence to ignite the Civil Rights movement. If you count yourself in the company of Continue Reading

4 Ways to Cope with a Micromanager at Work

micromanager reaction

Chances are you know a micromanager. The kind of person who  comes lurking over your shoulder to lay their eyes on your computer screen.  “How’s the report/presentation/spreadsheet coming?” There you have it, the dreaded micromanager. The person who is so incredibly interested in what you’re doing, you’re not even sure they have the time to complete their own tasks. It’s like they’ve been hired to keep tabs on every last thing you’re doing at work! Don’t fret too much though, as there are plenty of ways to handle a micromanager. But let’s cover the basics… Continue Reading

6 Skype Interview Tips to Get the Job

Skype interview tips

These Skype interview tips 2016 will separate you from the pack! You’ve probably had a phone interview, and if you’re gainfully employed, chances are good that you’ve had an in-person interview as well. But a new wave of job interviewing has popped up - the Skype interview. A Skype interview is an awkward cross between a phone interview and an in-person interview. On the bright side, you don’t have to physically go somewhere as long as your house or apartment has wifi. The bad news is that you do actually need to shower and make yourself presentable. The following Skype interview tips will set you up for success in this new type of job interview situation. Continue Reading

Nothing to Do at Work? We’ve Got Ideas!

bored at work

At some point or another, we've all found ourselves with nothing to do at work. This might be because we simply don't have any interest in the work we're doing, we're not being supervised properly, or the work we're doing is so simple that we finished it hours ago. Finding ourselves scrolling aimlessly through clickbait, wikipedia articles, and google search results, we can almost feel our souls escaping our bodies. Continue Reading