The Office Olympics Summer 2016 Are Here!

office olympics - having fun

The Office Olympics are simply the best. Just like the regular Olympics, with the best events, the best athletes, in some of the best cities in the world, the Office Olympics are all about rewarding excellence. The road to Rio has already been paved, with the start of the Summer Olympics right around the corner. We want to pay tribute to those who have been training so hard to represent their nations on the world stage by playing our own version of the Olympics at home: here is the breakdown for the Office Olympics Summer 2016! Continue Reading

How To Be Authentic at Work (And In Interviews)

how to be authentic

In today's workplace, there's been a big push for employers to value identity, and for employees to learn how to be authentic at work. It's easy to see why: One study found that 61% of people admitted to covering up some part of their unique identity in the workplace, to the detriment of their self-esteem and well-being. Hiding our true selves at work can be costly for employers, too. Research suggests that when people cover up their identities, it can actually lead to more stress,  lower work performance, and generally less satisfied, less effective employees. For greater personal satisfaction, better work performance, and stronger relationships, spend some time considering how to be authentic at work. Step 1: Get in Touch with Your Values In order to reap of the benefits of being your true, authentic self in the workplace, you'll need to find out who that person is. For some, this might not be so easy.  You might have no problem being an authentic person with your friends and Continue Reading

Job Scam on LinkedIn

fake job linkedin

An interesting phishing job scam I received on LinkedIn today. Can't tell if it's to grab my personal info or to boost the SEO of the shady URLs below. Either way, a little research, and this is clearly a job scam. Sender: sthompson111214@gmail.com Hello Andrew, My name is Sara Thompson.  I am a Virtual Administrative Assistant at Park Consulting. Based on the skills and experience listed in your profile, my employer requested that I make contact with you. He wants to know if you would be open to confidentially exploring opportunities within our company.  Continue Reading

Passed Over for Promotion? Don’t Get Pissed, Get Even


No one wants to be in a position where they're passed over for promotion, but this can certainly be a turning point in your career. So what do you do if you get passed over for a promotion? It may be tempting to act with an attitude and lower the quality of your work, but that’s an amateur move. What’s the best way to handle this situation? Don’t get pissed - work harder to get even by improving yourself. Continue Reading

Mr. Popular: How to Get People to Like You at Work

how to get people to like you - fun happy coworkers

Wondering how to get people to like you? Read on! Learning how to get people to like you at work doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, it’s simple. Understandably, starting a new job can be a stressful experience. You come into an office filled with people you don’t know, sit down at a desk that wasn’t yours until today, and dive into a whole host of new (and potentially challenging) roles and responsibilities. While for some this can be super exciting, it can start to sound like a nightmare for others! Continue Reading

When Is it Worth it to Work for Free?


  There are a number of situations where people might be asked to work for free, including: Internships Volunteer Work Test Work Before a Job Sometimes it makes sense to take unpaid work so that what results is volunteer experience for your resume. Other times, when people ask you to work for free, they’re just trying to take advantage of you. So how can you tell the difference? Let’s take a look at when it makes sense to work for free, and when you should say “No” to unpaid work. Continue Reading

Morning Routines: Starting Your Day Off Right


Morning routines are an underrated aspect of maintaining sanity at your job, because they work! Having the best morning routine truly sets up the rest of your day for success, because it helps to set the tone for your day. Whether it’s a routine you practice at home, on your way to the office, or once you sit down at your desk, you’re going to want a morning routine that works for you! As humans, we thrive on the consistency and the comfort of routine. This means that they're good for our personal, professional, and overall health.  How do you create a morning routine that works for you?  Continue Reading

Why You Must Send a Follow-Up Email After a Networking Event

networking event

  Networking events can either be a total waste of time or a goldmine of opportunity. It all depends on your focus while you're there and your follow-up afterwards.  If you’re in sales, relevant industry or local networking events may be a great way to start a relationship with potential prospects. It’s hard to make a sale without trust, and it’s hard to gain trust without meeting with prospects in person. If you’re looking to change jobs or transition into a different industry, relevant networking events can be a great way to make valuable contacts that can directly or indirectly help you make your next move, career-wise. Regardless of your goal, it’s important to send a follow-up email after a networking event. But that’s not where your follow up should stop. Here are the best practices for sending a follow-up email after a networking event, and how else to make the best of your new connections! Continue Reading

Learn Something New Every Day

learn something new every day

Regardless of what industry you're in (or want to be in), things change on a near-daily basis and you will want to learn something new every day in order to advance. Whether it's new knowledge or learning a better process for getting something done, it's important to stay current to be competitive in today's tough job market. If knowledge truly is power, then you should do your best to learn something new every day. It doesn't have to be hard, or boring. And it definitely doesn't have to take up a lot of your precious free time. Here are several different high-level ideas to learn something new every day, for any person in any industry! Continue Reading

Finding Your Passion in Life

career passion

  It’s heartbreaking to think of the number of people who go to work day after day, year after year, and absolutely hate their jobs. Most people push down their distaste and apply themselves to “the grind,” hoping that someday they’ll magically fall into a job that they truly love. But finding your passion in life and working in a job you love is not something that happens by accident. The people who are working in jobs they love have worked hard to get there, dropping hints and making their true desires known along the way. If you’re wondering, “How do I find my passion?” and how to transition to a career that’s more in line with it, here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading