11 Best Careers for Introverts

careers for introverts

Between open-office floor plans, high-stakes networking events, and constant pressure to "speak up" in meetings, a typical office can be a minefield of anxiety for introverts. Unable to produce creatively and often misunderstood, introverts come home from work frustrated and socially exhausted. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. If you are an introvert working  in an extrovert's exhausting world, it's time to plan your escape. There are plenty of in-demand careers for introverts just waiting to be discovered. Careers for Introverts Research suggests that introverts have their own unique power in the workplace, including a quietly influential leadership style that can be even more effective than the extroverted variety. The best jobs for an introvert may be less people-centered, but they can be just as impactful on our world. For example, Rosa Parks, a soft-spoken introvert, had the quiet confidence to ignite the Civil Rights movement. If you count yourself in the company of Continue Reading

4 Ways to Cope with a Micromanager at Work

micromanager reaction

Chances are you know a micromanager. The kind of person who  comes lurking over your shoulder to lay their eyes on your computer screen.  “How’s the report/presentation/spreadsheet coming?” There you have it, the dreaded micromanager. The person who is so incredibly interested in what you’re doing, you’re not even sure they have the time to complete their own tasks. It’s like they’ve been hired to keep tabs on every last thing you’re doing at work! Don’t fret too much though, as there are plenty of ways to handle a micromanager. But let’s cover the basics… Continue Reading

6 Skype Interview Tips to Get the Job

Skype interview tips

These Skype interview tips 2016 will separate you from the pack! You’ve probably had a phone interview, and if you’re gainfully employed, chances are good that you’ve had an in-person interview as well. But a new wave of job interviewing has popped up - the Skype interview. A Skype interview is an awkward cross between a phone interview and an in-person interview. On the bright side, you don’t have to physically go somewhere as long as your house or apartment has wifi. The bad news is that you do actually need to shower and make yourself presentable. The following Skype interview tips will set you up for success in this new type of job interview situation. Continue Reading

Nothing to Do at Work? We’ve Got Ideas!

bored at work

At some point or another, we've all found ourselves with nothing to do at work. This might be because we simply don't have any interest in the work we're doing, we're not being supervised properly, or the work we're doing is so simple that we finished it hours ago. Finding ourselves scrolling aimlessly through clickbait, wikipedia articles, and google search results, we can almost feel our souls escaping our bodies. Continue Reading

How to Write an Objective for a Resume


If you’re a college student looking to land an internship, or a post-grad professional who’s laser-focused on the type of position they know they want, knowing how to write an objective for a resume is an essential skill. But what are the best things to keep in mind for a career objective statement? In this article, we’ll go over career objective examples and tie everything together. Continue Reading

Business Travel Tips – Winning the Travel Battle

business travel tips

Business travel tips are necessary, because nobody likes travelling for business when their body is sore, their clothes are wrinkled, and they have screaming children wailing in their ears. The fact of the matter is that business travel is a billion dollar industry, and that if you haven’t traveled on business yet, there will come a time where you have to hop on a plane, train, or in an automobile to journey across the country for work. Continue Reading

Honesty at Work: When (and When Not) To Tell The Truth

honesty at work

  Many companies tout the importance of honesty at work, shrugging off concerns by throwing around words like "transparency" and "accountability." And for good reason: with recent workplace scandals making media headlines, it's important for companies to establish a culture of honesty in the workplace. For employees, it's a fine to walk between honesty, dishonesty, and tactful discretion. If they are too honest, and employees risk their professional reputation. Not being honest enough could mean that their credibility is questioned. So when should you practice honesty at work? And when should you keep your honesty to yourself? Continue Reading

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary

good Linkedin summary

  Everything you need to write a good LinkedIn summary. When most people first get started using LinkedIn, they’re often overwhelmed by the many different sections of their new online profile that must be filled in to be most effective on the platform. Perhaps one of the most important, though often rushed-through pieces, is the summary area on a LinkedIn profile. Whether you’re just trying to update your LinkedIn profile or are starting anew, here are some best practices. Continue Reading

Side Hustle Ideas That Fit Your Passions

side hustle ideas

These side hustle ideas can help satisfy your creative cravings -- and fill up your Paypal account too! Are you unsatisfied at work? Or maybe you’re not unsatisfied, but there’s something missing from your current role. Perhaps you’re looking for a creative outlet, or a chance to pick up a new skill. Side hustles, as they’ve come to be known, are part-time jobs you create for yourself in addition to a regular full-time job. The fact that they’re a hustle is usually an attest to the fact that they come back to a passion and aren’t just a money maker. Though truthfully, most side hustles are also a way to fill in the gaps as far as what you’re earning at your full-time job, and how much money you want to make to be happy. Continue Reading

Rescheduling an Interview – Here’s What to Stay

rescheduling an interview

Thinking of rescheduling an interview should make you think again! The big day has arrived and you suddenly find yourself battling a nasty cold. Do you go ahead with the job interview or contact the interviewer to reschedule? Many career pundits strongly urge job candidates to fulfill interview obligations. However, we've never met a company recruiter that wants to sit across from a job candidate that constantly coughs and sneezes. Rescheduling an interview because you're sick is a no brainer; you only have to speak a few cold medicine addled words to get the job interviewer on your side. Outside of a bout with a nasty cold, you need to follow a few steps for rescheduling an interview that include knowing exactly what to say. Continue Reading