Don’t Let Weather Be An Obstacle In Your Client Meetings

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At the core of a successful business lies one enduring idea: customer service. As the widely popular online shop Zappos likes to put it, you’ve got to deliver wow through your customer service. It’s a company philosophy they swear by, one that hugely contributes to the success of the company. Their entire company culture, in fact, is based around the idea.    Wow through customer service Of course, one has to follow that basic idea through to the end. The best kind of customer service means being there to provide your clients with the kind and quality of assistance they need. That includes showing up on time for client meetings, no matter the dark clouds over the horizon, the threat of rain, no matter the sleet and snow. Whatever kind of weather you have to face, you face it. That’s how the old school thinking goes. With technologies such as video conferencing enabling people to work from anywhere and meet anyone from any place on earth, you might have to reconsider that Continue Reading



Career paths must be chosen, not issued. Some of us are blessed with a unique gift. The minute we come out of the womb, we know what we plan to do with the rest of our lives. Well, maybe the illustration is a bit over the top, but the point is many professionals know exactly what they plan to do with their lives and they know the career paths to achieve their goals. However, this serendipitous search for the career path that best matches our skill sets and preferences has caused rocky travel for most professionals. It starts as early as grade school and it sticks with us until the day we retire. We spend considerable time trying to find our career paths. Ideally, we should all know where we're going in life, at least professionally. Yet, our career paths are rarely cut and dry. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average American professional can expect to change careers an average of seven times during their working years. Not only do career changes involve moves within Continue Reading

7 Time Management Tips if You Freelance in College


Freelancing is an excellent way to express your creative ideas, showcase your talents, and enhance your skill set in an unconventional setting. Not only that, but with the growth of online freelancing opportunities, this avenue can be another revenue stream, regardless of where you are in the world. For that reason, more and more individuals in college are turning to freelancing as a means of generating extra income during what can be a stressful economic time. Yet, balancing time constraints and productivity can be a difficult task to master when academic pressures add up. But, with the right tip, you can keep everything running as smoothly and as lucratively as possible. The following are seven time management tips if you freelance in college that will help keep you on track. 1. Timing Matters When it comes to freelancing, or life for that matter, there will be times when you are more productive than others. Some individuals are morning people while others are late night Continue Reading

Making A Career Change At 40

career change at 40

Making a career change at 40 can be a daunting proposition. But with the proper preparation, it can be unlock the door to intense personal fulfillment. And maybe some nice bank-account fulfillment too. Thinking about a career change at 40 can cause a huge instability in any person’s life. Be ready for extreme reactions from your family and friends. Some will be nervous on your behalf. Some will be jealous. It is a tough, tough thing to find your life’s calling. Not everyone gets it right on the first, second or even third try. Some will change their careers because they have to. Many industries are still under attack from the Internet. Or rather, disruptive companies that are more adept at harnessing the power of new networks and technology. The possibilities for an exciting shift in your working life are infinite.  You just need to ease your path with good planning, a clear objective and a willingness to leverage your considerable professional experience. Continue Reading

6 Tips to Ease New Job Anxiety


New job anxiety is the worst, isn’t it? Those butterflies in the stomach, worrying about making a good impression on your new colleagues, on pins and needles about what to say to your boss. It all adds up to unnecessary agita. Especially if you are only a few moments away from your dream job and you don’t want to make a mistake. Of course, there is no need to put that kind of pressure on yourself. It is critical for you to feel as comfortable as possible as you get into a new job. It is hugely important for you to confront these fears. You must make sure that you prepare yourself. But try to remember that you got this job for a reason. They liked you. The hiring process had its own set of worries. Leave those behind and focus on how you can make a good impression. There is no doubt that many little things will be unknown: the office layout, the personal politics, the people you can and cannot talk to, where to go for lunch. Remember, everyone has gone through it and you won’t be Continue Reading

Through Food and Beyond

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Let me paint you a picture: Have you ever fixed a drink with five liquors, while listening to two drink orders from antsy customers at the bar, sent the busboy back to the kitchen for crisper chicken wings and poured the perfect Sam Adams for your server, tapping her foot at the service bar? All in the space of 120 seconds? That is the essence of restaurant work. Where else can you learn multitasking on this level? And this is after showing up two hours before your shift to stock the bar and brief the manager on how closing went last night. Continue Reading

HP Matter: The Future of Health Care

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP Matter for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. The convergence of technologies in the last decade or so has disrupted industries as diverse as newspapers, universities and record companies. Healthcare has had its share of game-changing predictions, many of which are about to come to fruition. Macrotrends throughout the sector are teaming up to alter the management of care, rocket surgical procedures into science-fiction-like territory and grow the ancillary industries that surround hospitals, doctors and medical groups. The potential availability for patients to get cutting-edge treatment at reduced cost is enormous with the combo of technology and healthcare. Continue Reading

A Career in Restaurants and Proud of It

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Working in foodservice is something to be proud of. Plenty of executives and white collar workers, even if they moved on to other industries, had their first job in a restaurant kitchen. Or a deli. Or bussing tables at beachside cafe. According to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, that initial employment experience instills the value of hard work and accountability, as well as the idea that work can be loads of fun. Continue Reading

Tips for Negotiating a Better Compensation Package


These days, it can be tough to find a good job. There were a lot of people in that waiting room who would have been glad to take the job you just got. It is understandable that you don’t want to mess it up just when you are about to sign on the dotted line. There’s just one little thing that should be troubling you as you look at the official offer from the company. They are lowballing you big time. They know it. You know it. And every busy beaver working at their little cubicles knows it. You are about to sign a bad deal because you are too afraid that you will lose your opportunity. A good way to avoid this moment entirely is to take a job through a professional staffing agency. I’m not talking about entry-level jobs. The next nursing home administrator in State College, Pennsylvania will likely be hired through a staffing agency. De Vore Recruiting spotlighted this particular position, which offers a salary range of $85,000.00 - $100,000.00. A staffing agency is a great Continue Reading

Restaurant Launching Pad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Next time you go out in your town or city, look around at all the business old and new. What sticks out? Restaurants. There always seems to be a new one popping up. It signals constant growth and vitality. That means jobs; Restaurants: The Launchpad to Career Growth. The foodservice industry has always been dynamic. An ever-changing marketplace, awash with chances to grow your skills, your income and your long-term wealth. Nine out of 10 restaurant workers 35 or older have jumped up to higher-paying positions after breaking into foodservice. That is an unrivaled success rate.  Continue Reading