Desk Fans Make the Perfect Gift for Coworkers


Desk fans can help save your career! ;-) The office is ground zero for interpersonal conflict. But the most heated arguments and the coldest shoulders are reserved for fighting over the thermostat. Sally in Accounting is always too hot or too cold. Gerald from IT is constantly fiddling with the control, trying to achieve the perfect temp for everyone in the office, even though that is impossible. Oh, Gerald, will you ever stop trying to please everyone? Probably best to let everyone control the temp it their own personal cubicles. But until technology evolves to the point where everyone lives in their own motorized bubble with climate control, why not spring for a desk fan for your colleagues? Desk fans are the only gift that will give the chronic complainers some real control over their temperature situation. If you work in one of those newfangled startups with rows and rows of Macbooks (or you just share space with the other creative types at Starbucks) don’t worry. This list has Continue Reading

WorkHack: Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

sleep better

When was the last time you got a good night's sleep? Most adults do not get enough sleep and the consequences of sleep deprivation include health issues and making poor decisions at work. Have you ever heard of the axiom boasted by sleep-deprived co-workers: "I'll sleep when I'm dead." Well, people who espouse that line of thinking can start digging their graves. You need sleep as much or more than you need to exercise or eat nutritious foods. The best work hack for ensuring a health body and enhancing workplace productivity follows a few tips for a better night's sleep. Exercise Works Wonders for Sleep At the pinnacle of work hack tips for a better night's sleep sits exercise. Exercise that comprises as little as 20 minutes per day helps people fall into deep sleep. Exercise at least six hours before bedtime to allow your body to wind down after a workout. Avoid exercising within two hours of dreamland. You regimen can include cardiovascular and anaerobic exercises. Continue Reading

Healthy $5 Lunch Ideas for Work

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To stay in or not to stay in, that is the question. The slight variation of one of Shakespeare's most quoted lines does not apply to whether you should stay home on a Saturday night, but instead to the daily dilemma called lunch. Going out every day for lunch can take a huge chunk out of your monthly budget. The pricey food options also do not provide you with the nutritional content you need to motor through your hectic workday. In fact, most lunch options are nothing more that high caloric, heart-clogging meals that produce work comas shortly after you arrive back at the office. What you need are some healthy $5 lunch ideas for work. Continue Reading

5 Things to Make You Say, “I Need a New Job”


"I need a new job." These words are thought by millions of members of the workforce every single day. Maybe even every hour of every day! Managing a career can feel like walking through an elaborate maze where you never end up where you want to go. You want to move forward, but find yourself stagnating in the same crummy job. Knowing the signs you are lost in your career can prevent you from slipping into neutral and jump start your career towards your ultimate professional destination. Same Old Job How long have you worked in your current position? Have you held the job for more than five years? The first sign that you are lost in your career is job status quo. You perform the same tasks and assume the same responsibilities that you did when you first took over the position. To free yourself from the same old job description, discuss your ideas with your manager on how to improve your job or move on by working for another company. This will keep you from saying "I need a Continue Reading

The Path to the American Dream is Through the Stomach

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. All opinions are 100% mine. Everyone is always hungry. Sometimes for food, sometimes for career advancement. Its when you combine the two that you realize what the most fruitful industry is for chasing the ultimate American dream. Restaurants. Let’s say you are 18 years old, fresh out of high school, casting about for a job that will give you some extra cash, while also presenting the opportunity for moving up through the ranks (quickly). You could do worse than the restaurant industry. Finding your way to the American dream of a stable, growing career should start behind a host stand, a bar or a piping hot grill. Continue Reading

Best Careers 2015

best careers 2015

Determining the best careers 2015 requires the close examination of demographic trends, especially the trends that define the baby boom generation. With another year under their belts, the baby boomer generation continues to create numerous promising careers within the financial and health care industries. Technology also plays an important role in analyzing the most promising careers of 2015, as corporations and non-profit organizations transform antiquated technology infrastructures into lean, mean fighting machines. The factors involved in determining the most promising careers of 2015 also include job growth and compensation. Here are the best careers 2015: Personal Financial Advisors Retiring baby boomers seek professional advice on where to place their hard-earned nest eggs, which creates strong demand for personal financial advisors. Labor experts expect financial advisors positions to grow by more than 30 percent between now and 2018, so the career has substantial Continue Reading

Consider the Restaurant Industry As a First Job

This post brought to you by National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Jobacle. We always remember our first. Our first boy or girlfriend. Our first car. And of course our first job. I know that my first job taught me a lot. From what I liked about to the world of work to absolute deal breakers; it was an amazing learning experience. I was happy to get my "working" feet wet at a big box retail store. However, most of my friends started out in the restaurant industry. In fact, 69% of of employees ages 18-24 have their first job in the restaurant industry. And it's these folks, who don't know it at the time, that are the backbone of the nation's economy. It also starts many folks on a career path that they never veer from. After experiencing the high-energy work environment of the restaurant world, those desk jobs lose some of their luster. Continue Reading

Signs Your Boss Is Job Hunting (and why you should care)

boss hunting

Workers have several reasons for remaining with the same company for years, even decades. They receive generous compensation that includes hefty bonuses and lucrative benefits. The work stimulates them by offering challenges that lead to professional growth. Many workers stay with the same companies because they enjoy working for their bosses. If you are someone who enjoys working with your manager, you need to know the signs that your boss is job hunting and why you should care. Company Reorganization The reorganization of companies often leads to dramatically altered job responsibilities for managers, including your boss. Company reorganizations can reduce manager responsibilities, which translates into lower pay. We all know that lower pay quickly turns an enthusiastic boss into one that mopes around in his or her office. You should not only care how a company reorganization affects your boss, but also how it affects your job. Continue Reading

What an Office Parking Lot Reveals About a Company

office lot

The old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover" has no relevance when assessing a company from the outside. After all, you can form accurate impressions about the quality of a company by looking over the building and the surrounding property. The biggest tip off to what is inside of a company often receives little or no attention. Office parking lots can provide considerable insight into a company. You simply need to know what an office parking lot reveals about a company. First Impressions Count for Cleanliness and Maintenance Do you want to know how well a company keeps its office building? Walk around the parking lot and analyze cleanliness of the lot. Trash strewn across the lot indicates that cleanliness does not matter to the company. Filthy pavement and crumbling sidewalks leading from a company parking lot demonstrate a lack of caring for keeping the inside of the office building clean and well maintained. Cleanliness and maintenance require dedication to upholding Continue Reading

Secret Tactics How to Get a Raise


How to get a raise is one of the most difficult questions employees have to answer during their careers. After all, shouldn't our bosses offer us raises because of our hard work and stellar performances? Well, most bosses prefer to pinch pennies. In fact, many managers handle a nickel as if it is a manhole cover. Asking for a raise during performance reviews or after robust quarters typically leads down a dead-end street. This means you need to use secret tactics to get a raise. We're not talking about sneaky, underhanded tactics, but proven, less known tactics that help you see a bump in pay. References…They're Not Just for Job Searches You most likely got your current job because of the professional references your boss received during the hiring process. Sure, interview performance goes a long way towards determining your future, but positive references from former employers paves the way to job offers. You should use the same mindset for getting a raise. Find other managers Continue Reading