Work Crush? These Books Can Help

work crush

If you have a work crush, you are not alone! We spend more time with the people that we work with than the time we spend with friends and family members. So, it should not surprise anyone that the workplace provides the fertile setting for romantic relationships to evolve. Sure, late night romances abound in watering holes, but most of those romances last as long as a Kim Kardashian-inspired reality show. Work crushes are the rule, not the exception. How do you deal with that loving feeling? You read books to help you navigate a work crush. What You Need to Know The best books to help you navigate a work crush focus on four central recommendations. You may not need to learn each of the four recommendations, but you should have the recommendations in mind every time a co-worker lights the flame of your passion. There is a Difference between Feeling and Acting You can enjoy a feeling, without ever acting on it. This may sound counterintuitive, as most people believe it's Continue Reading

A Restaurant Leap of Faith (Backed Up By Hard Numbers)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Choosing a career is hard. It’s even harder when the economy full of uncertainty. Sometimes the key is just to stop worrying and take the plunge. But which body of water is safest? According to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation it's restaurants. Your first job is fundamental to understanding the world of work. If and when you land a good one, that can set the stage for a lifetime of meaningful, enjoyable labor. Restaurants can provide that essential initial experience, since 92% of workers younger than 18 say that their first job was or is in the foodservice industry. Continue Reading

Technical Careers for the Creative Kind

technical careers

Computer science and creativity aren’t often considered related. After all computers are usually associated with left-brained functions like mathematics, while creativity is considered to be strictly right-brained. The reality is that there are several careers that combine creativity with computers. Web Designer Web designers do more than just make websites look pretty; they also need the technical expertise to make the web sites functional. For example, if you look at Amazon's site you’ll notice that it is laid out in a visually appealing manner with a lot of graphics, animation, and easy-to-navigate headers. The site also keeps track of your product purchases, searches, and wish lists so that it can customize your experience when you log in. A web designer designed all of those visual elements, but also worked on the thousands of lines of code needed to make the website run seamlessly. Continue Reading

Is Forklift Certification for You?


The job market is rough out there for all the so-called soft majors. From English to history to communications to theater, if you did not get your bachelor’s in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering and math), you might be struggling in an ultra competitive job market. If your employment prospects are dim, you might want to try getting your forklift certification. Instead of pushing yourself through that dead-end retail job at your local mall or waiting tables at your local chain restaurant, why not look into a more lucrative career? Forklifts are everywhere.  Continue Reading

Gift Giving Etiquette for Workers


The winter holidays increase the stress in an already stressful work environment. Office decoration parties and holiday social events combine to push some workers over the edge. However, one annual rite of passage causes the most consternation among company workers. Whether your company assigns or promotes grab bag gift giving, you can rest assured that office gift giving produces enough angst to fill the largest stocking. Make the holiday season less stressful by learning about gift giving etiquette for workers. (And find great cheap gift ideas for coworkers!) Personalize Your Gift Personalizing your gift means a couple of things for gift giving etiquette for workers. Your colleges feel appreciated whenever they receive holiday gifts that match their personal preferences. For example, if you have to find a gift for a bird lover, consider buying binoculars to enhance your co-workers bird watching experiences. Another example of personalizing a holiday gift is to use your talents Continue Reading

Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers: A Desk Heater


You have that Secret Santa or Yankee Swap coming up. Bonnie the receptionist is on your list. Her one discerning characteristic is her ability to always be out of step with the office temperature. Especially in the winter. A desk heater can make the perfect Christmas gift for a chilly colleague. You can’t control the thermostat. That may be under lock and key, held only by your tyrannical manager. And you can’t wear your favorite sweater, due to a dress code or the fact that your favorite sweater is the ugly Christmas one you wear to holiday parties every year. That’s why a desk heater might be the best solution.  Continue Reading

Feel Overqualified for a Job? How to Adjust Your Resume


It's one thing to receive a job application rejection letter because you don't possess the skills and/or experience for the open position. It's quite another thing for a prospective employer to reject your resume because you're overqualified. The job market is full of highly qualified applicants and many of the applicants attempt to secure employment for positions that do not come close to matching their levels of expertise. If you feel overqualified for a job, you need to learn how to adjust your resume to match the level of expertise required for the open position. Education Should Be Elementary You certainly don't want to promote the education section of your resume by writing "I graduated 6th grade," but you do want to minimize educational accomplishments if you feel overqualified for a job and need to adjust your resume. Let's assume you just graduated college and the tight job market has you changing your entry-level employment goal of working as an accountant for a large Continue Reading

Foodservice Careers Can Pay Off

This post brought to you by National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Jobacle. The popular notions of dead end fast food jobs and churn and burn restaurants that power through employees are mythical. Careers in food service can be lucrative, long-lasting and fulfilling. Just ask the scores of restaurant company CEOs and executives that got their start washing dishes or bussing tables. Continue Reading



Finding a job in this economy is like trying to find a needle in the proverbial haystack. You can uncover as much hay as you want, but the primo job remains as elusive as ever. Although finding the best job for you is difficult, it becomes virtually impossible when you make the most common resume mistakes. With 2015 fast approaching, you need to learn which of the resume mistakes shoot you in your job searching feet. Screwing up the Basics What happens when a prospective employer reads a resume riddled with spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and typo issues? The employer either uses your resume to start a campfire or makes a paper airplane out of it for the amusement of fellow workers who know how to craft professional resumes. You can have all of the qualifications in the world, but you do not get your feet in the door when you screw up the basics of spelling and grammar. Of all the resume mistakes, screwing up the basics has the most negative impact on your job prospects. Continue Reading

Online Job Search and Networking: Are Your Profiles Safe?


Landing a job these days requires more than an impressive cover letter and resume. Long gone are the days when you search the local newspaper and mail in your applications. Technology has afforded employers with the ability to post job openings and even screen applicants exclusively online, while job seekers can now apply online and post pertinent information about their career development. With approximately 30-60% of all jobs being filled through networking, job seekers must think outside of the box to get noticed. In fact, the modern job seeker must have the ability to manage multiple profiles as they network with potential employers and apply for job openings. Today, applying for a job means managing profiles for job sites such as Careerbuilder and Indeed as well as monitoring social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Continue Reading