The Joys of Doing Business in Puerto Rico


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s often the white sand beaches and azure ocean scenery that lands Puerto Rico in the news. But lately, the Caribbean island has received a lot of positive attention from the business world. Why you ask? Because even in the turbulent world we live in today, the territory has managed to create an aggressive economic and tax-incentive program for businesses looking to set up shop in paradise. Looking to make money? It's happening in Puerto Rico Many business owners in the contiguous United States have cited the following reasons for making the move to Puerto Rico: 4% corporate tax rate; 100% tax exemption on dividends or profit distributions; 100% exemption on property taxes; 100% tax exemption on all dividends and interest income; 100% tax exemption on all capital gains. Continue Reading

How to Write a Personal Mission Statement

personal mission statement

  Wondering how to write a personal mission statement? Read on! Most companies create mission statements that define the direction the company wants to move. If mission statements mold the future of successful companies, why do so many professionals neglect to devise mission statements of their own? You cannot expect to chart a career course, without developing a road map of where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Benefits of Learning How to Write a Personal Mission Statement Far too many professionals believe divine destiny shapes their careers. They never articulate a clearly defined career path. The lack of a personal mission statement has the same negative impact that it has on companies that never develop missions. Yet, how to write a personal mission statement produces several more benefits. Continue Reading

New Year, New Career: How to Prepare for a Career Change


  Has a new year new career attitude taken a hold of your soul? The New Year produces resolution lists that make a difference in our lives for about two weeks after the big crystal ball descends in Times Square. Sure, we adhere to an improved diet and new workout regimen until Super Bowl Sunday. That is, if we have the discipline to follow our new lifestyles for an entire month. Most of us discard our New Year's resolutions as about as fast as The Bachelor discards a new courtship. However, one New Year resolution requires all of your attention. Making a career change to mark the New Year involves implementing several strategies. Continue Reading

Boring Meeting? Try These Tips to Help You Cope

boring meeting's another boring meeting. The lights dim, the projector beams its blinding light, and the speaker clears her throat to continue what appears to be a never-ending meeting. You have just come back from lunch break and the classic case of midday napping overtakes your attention span. No PowerPoint presentation is going to create a stir in your somnolent soul.  If you have a choice, you would rather spend time with the in laws than remain seated until the end of the day whistle blows at 5:00 Meetings represent the ultimate office endurance test, but fortunately, rather than simply play Office Bingo, you can implement tips to help you cope with a boring meeting. Continue Reading

Define Authority vs. Responsibility (and don’t forget accountability!)

define authority

Job interviews unfold with a series of questions intended to test the professional mettle of aspiring candidates. Many recruiters want to know if the candidates that sit in front of them understand the differences between authority and responsibility. You might have to answer the question, "Define authority and how it relates to responsibility." Savvy job candidates invariably add a little substance by discussing the meaning of accountability, and how it connects authority and responsibility. If it all sounds confusing, don't fret. After reading the following succinct explanation, you should nail the common job interview questions for managers, as well as understand how to implement authority and responsibility principles on the job. Continue Reading

Holiday Team Building Ideas

holiday team building

The time of year that brings us carols and hot chocolate also needs to bring us holiday team building ideas that make professional stress an afterthought. The Christmas holiday season creates more stress than the stress created during any other time of the year. From planning holiday feasts to purchasing gifts for the family, the iconic chant of ""Ho, ho, ho" has turned into the frantic "Go, go, go." Stress turns up a notch in the workplace, as companies place pressure on employees to meet end of year deadlines, while staying well below budget. Charity Starts at Work Charitable work performed by the private sector increases significantly during the holidays. Make charity work an exciting event by running a contest that rewards everyone for their hard work raising money and/or goods for charity. Divide department teams into between four and eight employees and allow each team to create a charity drive that benefits a non-profit organization. Each team selects a charity and a Continue Reading

Coworker Christmas Gifts: Buy Them Now, Less Stress Later


  Here we go again. The Christmas season lurks around the corner and just the thought of fighting off the hordes of shoppers raises our blood pressure. It's stressful enough to find the right gifts for family members and close friends, so why add to the stress by making buying gifts for the annual company grab bag an exercise in acute frustration. Buy coworker Christmas now and enjoy less stress later. And consider these bulk Christmas gifts! Why Now Is the Time to Buy Coworker Christmas Gifts Anyone that shops on Black Friday must love pain. Between the pushing and shoving lie a few good deals, but is it worth the stress to take advantage of saving a few dollars? At least Black Friday gives you plenty of time to buy coworker Christmas gifts before the office holiday office party. Many shoppers wait until the last minute to pick up gifts for the office holiday grab bag. Why endure undue stress from a simple task such as buying coworker Christmas gifts. It doesn't take Continue Reading

Why Do You Want This Job? How to Answer…And Why It’s Really Asked

why do you want this job

The words "why do you want this job" are uttered in 9 out of every 10 job interviews. And job interviews can make the most stoic poker faces turn into sweaty messes. After all, how often do we answer questions that determine our future career paths? It all starts with the "Tell Me About Yourself" question that although not really a question, sets the stage for the rest of the interview. In fact, many experienced job interviewers make up their minds after the first answer to interview questions. If you somehow manage to pass this question with flying colors, get ready for the next question that typically follows immediately or closely after "Tell Me Abut Yourself." Continue Reading

Top Ten Interview Questions (and answers)

top ten interview questions

Wondering how to answer today's top ten interview questions? Read on! Job interviews rank with trips to the dentist office as one of the most deplorable things that we face in life. Well, at least we know the dentist. Who wants to spend 30 to 60 minutes sitting under blinding lights and sweating out answers to questions that come from someone that we have never met? Let's make the job interview go smoothly by providing you with the top 10 interview questions and as a bonus, an idea on how to answer each question with professional aplomb. Continue Reading

Glossophobia: What It Is and How to Beat It


The dreaded day has finally arrived. After sweating through another restless night of sleep, you roll out of bed in fear of one of the most common phobias that plague mankind. No, we're not talking about rolling out of bed into the range of a lonely spider. We're talking about glossophobia, a fancy term that describes the inexorable fear of speaking in front of an audience. Oh, the audience doesn't have to number into the hundreds. You can experience glossophobia simply by getting up in front of a small group of your professional peers. Let's gloss over this fear by taking five steps to beat it. Continue Reading