12 Ways to Keep Yourself Happy at Work


Your mood can drastically affect the quality of your work. You always work better and time passes faster when you’re having fun. Imagine how great it would be to stay happy at work. While you can’t control everything at your job, you can take steps to keep a more positive, happy attitude throughout the day. Help Someone Else  You probably know at least one coworker who could use some help now and then. Lend them a hand when you get a free minute. Even if it’s something as simple as bringing them back a cup of coffee when they can’t take a break, the act of helping others around you makes you feel happier. You’ll definitely smile more when you hear heartfelt thank yous from your coworkers. Don’t Bother With Gossip  You have no way of knowing what gossip is and isn’t true. Worrying yourself about what you heard at the water cooler is just going to cause unnecessary stress. Avoid gossip as much as possible and never participate in it. Much of what you hear is false rumors Continue Reading

New Employee Introduction Email Ideas

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If you’re welcoming someone new into your organization, then sending a new employee introduction email to those within your existing workforce is an effective, professional way to introduce a new face to the team. Not only is this simply good manners – but it is also a chance for you to create a great first impression of your new recruit, as well as giving off a positive impression of your organization to the new employee. An employee introduction email isn’t just a name and title on a page - it’s a way of welcoming your new employee into your organization with open arms! Continue Reading

Double Airline Rewards When Booking Country Inns & Suites This Spring

Traveling, whether for work or for pleasure, is one of the great joys in life. It can be a chance to break your routine, experience a place you have never been to before and expand your horizons. And I always try to make sure I stay at a quality establishment. It makes the trip that much more enjoyable. Taking a work trip can be an opportunity to network, relax with colleagues in an informal setting and get to interact with all sorts of new people in your industry. The time you put in traveling for your job can pay off for you by being seen as a person who goes all in for the company. That kind of dedication can get you noticed. And, if you play your cards right, you can use your hotel, rental car or any other expense to boost your personal total of airline miles. And that means you could be closer to the dream trip around the world. Or maybe a week in Hawaii. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Job Vent the Healthy Way

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Finding a healthy way to job vent isn’t always easy. You have to be careful what you say to coworkers and you don’t want anyone to overhear you. Keeping the stress in is dangerous and toxic to your health. You have several options for effective venting to make you feel better and make work far more tolerable. How Not To Job Vent  The two worst ways to job vent are publicly at your job and on social media. Facebook is not the place for a work rant. Your employer could see it and the next day you’re fired. This isn’t helpful for your work related stress. A good rule to remember is to never rant publicly where others can easily overhear or see what’s on your mind.  Continue Reading

Sectors Spending the Most on Advertising Positions


In today’s ever-changing world of advertising, it is difficult to keep track of which sectors spend the most on ad positions. Upwards of 131 billion dollars was spent recently in the United States on promotions, in a single year. According to the Neilson report, the automotive industry expended approximately $3.5 billion, the pharmaceutical industry paid $2 billion, and approximately $3.1 billion went toward wireless communication services and department store publicity. The fast food industry also ranked high on the list. While the amount of resources that go into new ad campaigns increase, the tactics employed by product lines become increasingly creative. Continue Reading

Benefits of Using Free Resume Templates


In a job market that seems to get more competitive with each passing day, you know how important it is to have a standout resume. Of course, as you may have already discovered achieving this is a lot easier said than done.  Whether you are meticulously crafting your very first resume or you feel like your tried-and-true one suddenly needs a major facelift, free resume templates can be extremely helpful. Not sure where to get free templates? Get started here: 279 free samples in MS Word. No Experience Needed  Well, no experience is needed to write a resume with a template anyway. This may not hold true for the position you are applying for. Many people simply do not know where to begin. They sit there, looking at a blank document on their computer, and just feel a little lost. Does this sound familiar? You may be wondering what headers you should use? Where do the indents and bullets go? It can all be very intimidating. When you use a free template for resumes there is no guess Continue Reading

The Government Is Looking for Hackers — To Give Them Jobs


When you think of “hackers,” the first image that comes to mind is probably that of a young computer-smart criminal working in a basement somewhere to gain access to private networks and data without authorization. You probably don’t think about hackers collecting a paycheck from a major company like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, or Raytheon — and you certainly don’t expect that they would be working for the federal government. Yet Uncle Sam is in fact looking to hire hackers. So-called “white hat” hackers, who use their skills legally to identify and solve security problems (as opposed to “black hat” hackers who engage in criminal activity) are in high demand. Government networks are under near constant attack from hackers, ranging from minor criminals who just want to see how far they can go to nefarious foreign operatives who want to harm our national security, and agencies including the FBI, NSA, and CIA believe that hackers can help build our defenses against these criminals. Continue Reading

Are You Good With Numbers? Don’t Miss Out on These Amazing Career Opportunities


  If you’re a numbers whiz, you’re in demand. For those who earn degrees in STEM fields — science, technology, mathematics, and engineering — there are 2.5 entry-level job postings for each new graduate compared to 1.1 job openings for graduates in non-STEM fields. If you’re a numbers guru, check out these five developing fields for people who love to work with numbers. 1. Personal Financial Advisor As a personal financial advisor, you would advise clients on how to spend, save, and invest their money. You might help an investor understand the tax consequences of a purchase, help a couple plan for retirement, or advise parents on how to pay for their children’s college educations. Financial advisors can work for financial or insurance companies, and they also operate their own financial planning businesses. In some cases, your clients might authorize you to purchase investments or insurance on their behalf. You can also earn licensure to sell specific financial products Continue Reading

Join the Health Care Industry With a DNP


If you think you’d love being a nurse, but want the authority and responsibility to be able to diagnose illnesses, write prescriptions, and maybe even run your own practice, you should consider becoming a nurse practitioner. You must be an RN and hold at least a Master of Science in Nursing in order to become a nurse practitioner, although a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree can open many more doors and may soon become the entry-level standard for nurse practitioners, including nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives.  Continue Reading

Want to Be a Better Manager? Give Your Employees More Chances to Socialize


  Employees are notoriously off-task during the NCAA basketball tournament. About 50 million employees participate in March Madness office pools, which, according to some sources, can cost companies as much as $1.2 billion in lost productivity during the first week alone. However, a little lost productivity in March could translate into big payoffs down the road. New research suggests that the best way to increase productivity is to encourage your workers to socialize. Continue Reading