5 Career Lessons From Jersey Shore

You either love the Jersey Shore or you hate it. Its critics say that the show provides nothing of value, just senseless partying, hooking up, and drama. Its fans say that that’s why it so addicting! Furthermore, who would have thought that the show can be the basis for 5 valuable career lessons?

Brand Yourself

Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino is known for his six pack abs and his large, yet funny, ego. DJ Pauly D is never shown DJing on the show. Regardless, his stereotypical guido looks and likability have made him one of the most sought after DJs in the US.

Career Lesson: Differentiate your resume and in your interviews by focusing on numbers and results. What do you have that very few of your competition have?  It may not be a bulging biceps, but it may be impressive sales.

Have Fun

Each cast member of the Jersey Shore gets paid $100,000 per episode to have 2 month long vacations, while the average American gets 14 days of vacation per year, or less.

Career Lesson: The prospect of being paid to have the time of your life isn’t as far-fetched as it seems. Successful entrepreneurs build assets that generate residual income, allowing them to take as much time off as they want.

Take Chances

Vinni filled out a casting call application as a joke before appearing on the show.

Career Lesson: A lot of us are in unfulfilling jobs because we haven’t taken the time to fully explore what options we have. Did you know that a hairdresser is one of the best professions to be in according to U.S. News & World Report? Hairdressers interact with clients, make them happy, and get paid decently.

Don’t Let Money Cloud Your Mind

Why would anyone want to leave the money and fame that Jersey Shore has created for its cast? Season 4 and 5 is paying each cast member $100,000 per episode and that doesn’t include the millions that each of them stands to make from endorsements and appearances.

Angelina Pivarnick left during Season 2 of Jersey Shore because of bullying by her castmates. “I couldn’t take the abuse anymore, so I just decided — I love my family and friends back home; those are the people that really love me for who I am — so I’m just going to leave and be with those people.”

Career Lesson: Don’t sacrifice your personal life and happiness for money.  The happiest jobs, according to a payscale.com survey, are clergy, firefighters, travel agents, mechanics, and architects, of which architects are the most compensated at $54,079.

Don’t Be Afraid to Quit

Vinny left the shore house during Season 5 before coming back. Unlike Angelina, who left too early to realize her financial rewards, Vinny has reaped nearly $3 million from the show and has used his fame to launch an acting career. None of that seemed to matter when he left the summer house due to anxiety. “I want you to come and get me. I’ve been strong, I’m a fighter but there is no fight left in me.”

Career Lesson: A steady paycheck and months of going to the same office may trick you into thinking that you have no other options. If you’re not happy with your job, spend time looking for another one or go into business for yourself.

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