5 Useful Video Resume Sites

If you want to stand out in the competitive job market and shine ahead of the hundreds of other applicants lining up for the job that you are gunning for, you should consider updating your traditional text resume and creating a video resume to go with it. With a video resume, you get to showcase your skills and personality even before you get to the interview. Here are five great video resume sites that you can use.

MyWorkster. The past couple of years have seen the rise of social networking sites.  MyWorkster combines social networking with job and career building. Through MyWorkster, you get to build your online presence with an account that includes your profile, networks, blog, and video resume. Accounts are free, and once you have uploaded your video resume, you can send the URL to your prospective employer.

Resume Book. While MyWorkster is more focused on networking, Resume Book is a site that focuses on you and your video resume. The site is perfect for people who already have other networking accounts such as LinkedIn. Signing up is free, and the only charge is when you actually get a job interview using the website. You can upload up to 10 videos, which can easily be forwarded to your employers by entering the employer email address on the link forwarding feature.

WorkBlast. WorkBlast is a career building site that is designed to aggressively market you among employers, through the use of video resumes and professional branding. With WorkBlast, you get to show off not just your profile, but your video resume and work portfolio as well. The services are free, and the site has various colleges and companies as partners. Best of all, opening an account is free.

Vidres. Vidres works like a search engine that will look for video resumes that match the requirements for employers. The accounts are free, and once you have finished creating your profile and uploading your videos, your video resume will automatically be included in the database that employers can search. Vidres also has partnerships with companies from various industries ranging from healthcare, food and hotel, tourism, sales, and more.

MayoMann. If you are looking for a versatile employment site, try MayoMann. The site will allow you to build work groups and networks and use these networks to apply for work. Registration is free, and you can upload a video resume that you can submit to companies in the site’s job database. The site has a video employment platform that allows you to search for work based on industry, job type, occupation, location, and even company.

Make job hunting easier by ensuring that your resume stands out among the pile. With your own video resume, you should be able to showcase your skills and market yourself as the best applicant for the job.

Guest Post: J. Angelo Racoma blogs about  technology and productivity, and runs a virtual assistance and writing service at WorkSmartr.com . You can also see his latest articles and columns at TFTS and CMSWire.

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