5 Ways To Cultivate A More Positive Attitude About Your Job

“Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” William Shakespeare 

1. Stop Complaining

We all get into bad habits sometimes but consistently complaining saps our energy (and other peoples) and can drain our energy and affect our attitude to work. There is of course a difference between letting off a little steam and being a consistent complainer. It is worth noticing how much we complain about things at work and nipping it in the bud if it is a bad habit we have fallen into.

2. Be Proactive

Following on from the first point, being proactive and doing something about those things we want to change at work is a healthier approach than complaining. We can turn complaints around by doing something about them. It is easy to complain when something isn’t how we would like it, but  taking the initiative and trying to make a change though harder, is more rewarding in the long term.

3. Stop Gossip

Gossiping usually makes everyone involved feel worst at some level. Stopping gossiping (and feeding others gossip) can make a huge difference to our mood and consequently our attitude at work. It might be difficult to begin with, but stepping away from gossip helps us to feel better about ourselves and others.

4. Be Grateful

There are always things to be grateful for, if we look hard enough. Even if you really don’t like your current job, just having a job could be enough to be grateful for, for now (for example). At times, we all get into a negative state of mind about our work and everything seems wrong, but taking some time to pay attention to what we do like and are grateful for can help change our perception. A good habit to get into is keeping a gratitude journal to write down a few things daily that we are grateful for. I started doing this last year and was amazed to see how much I took for granted every day!

5. One Day At A Time

Taking one day at a time and trying to do and be our best each day helps us to make changes and build momentum with creating a more positive attitude. It might also be that we notice that our attitude at work is a reflection of our attitude about the rest of our lives and that its time for a big change in all areas.

Bio: Jen Smith is a Life Coach, Mentor & Writer. She has tried many career paths herself and now helps people achieve their goals and dreams.  

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