7 Items Everyone Should Keep on Their Work Desk

You can tell a lot about a person by what they keep on their desk.  From family photos to religious regalia, a few small trinkets communicate who we really are to our coworkers.  They also have the potential to serve a greater purpose: making the office a better place to work.

Here are a few practical items to consider putting on your desk:

You don’t need a green thumb or an abundance of light to keep a small plant on your desk.  Nature’s filter will improve the office air quality and help keep you alert.   Plus, studies show that plants can enhance worker productivity by 12%.

The large seed in the center of a papaya can be turned into the perfect office plant!   You can also try a spider plant if you are botany-challenged.
One of the easiest holistic treatments is aromatherapy, the simple act of smelling essential oils for healing.  To keep yourself in a positive frame of mind, consider adding an odor or two to your desk.  This can be in the form of an unlit candle, potpourri, or even a tea bag.  Fight boredom with cinnamon, reduce anxiety with lavender or stimulate the brain with basil.  Find the aromatherapy scent that’s right for you.

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