Location Independent Jobs on the Rise: Online Mentoring and Tutorials

  “YOLO” or “You only live once” has become a popular quote for today’s millennials. Many young professionals are torn between securing their career and living the life so they try hard to find jobs that will provide them with the freedom to roam or travel. Education and teaching are viable careers for those who seek location independent jobs especially those who are still studying. So if the thought of being caught up in an office job doesn’t appeal to you, Learnok has promising career offers for students who wish to work part-time without any time or location constraints. Continue Reading

Expert Tips on How to Choose Your Career

Infographic Final 2 (1)

I can't believe this New Yorker is about to drop a Tom Brady quote on you. "Too often in life, something happens and we blame other people for us not being happy or satisfied or fulfilled. So the point is, we all have choices, and we make the choice to accept people or situations or to not accept situations." Grrrr. The man is right. 100%. And I don't care what people say, work happiness is often directly tied to choosing the right career. Our buds at CareersWiki have put together a great infographic for Jobacle that features expert tips on how to choose a career. Continue Reading

The Top 10 Job Perks to Incentivize Employees


Imagine showing up to the office at 10 a.m. Your boss hands you the company credit card in case you need anything, then tells you there is a barbecue and concert on the lawn this afternoon. By this point, you're probably scoffing and thinking that would never happen. But real companies actually offer these mind-boggling work incentives. Today's most innovative brands are jettisoning the traditional office; instead, they're creating workplace wonderlands to attract and retain top talent (that's you). Continue Reading

Why Do Mothers Prefer Online Baby Stores? Check 7 Reasons

Online Baby Stores

  Mothers always want to buy the best items for their babies. Their shopping expresses their love and passion. They don’t like to make a compromise at any point. When it comes to picking a shopping portal, mothers mostly prefer online baby stores. Do you want to know the main reasons why? If yes, then read on! Continue Reading

20 Tips to Start Saving Money Immediately

  Sometimes it seems like you’ll never be able to start saving money. There is always some expense knocking at your door. However, if you begin to take a lot of little money-saving actions today then you can actually start saving money easier than you think. Here are 20 tips that you can follow to start saving money immediately. Continue Reading

Do You Love Finance? Put That Love to Work!

loan officer

It's been said by many that if you love what you'll do, you'll never work a day in your life. Some people tend to tune out this advice, thinking that it takes a high-flying career as an entertainer or heart surgeon to yield this kind of satisfaction. That idea is wrong. The fact is that when there are routine things that you love to do or unique aspects of your personality, you should try to find work that lets you direct that natural love into what you do for a living. Continue Reading

How To Create A Friendlier, More Profitable Business

profitable business

  Ultimately, any business is a people business. While products or services are the end products of a business, it’s only what the products or services do for people that really matter. People don’t buy a 3-hole paper punch because they want more stationery, they buy it because they want enough holes to neatly bind their paperwork into a folder. And they don’t buy a computer because they want a plastic box on their desk, but because they want the ability to surf the net, or create a budget on a spreadsheet, or connect with friends on Facebook. Continue Reading

Job Scam on LinkedIn

fake job linkedin

An interesting phishing job scam I received on LinkedIn today. Can't tell if it's to grab my personal info or to boost the SEO of the shady URLs below. Either way, a little research, and this is clearly a job scam. Sender: sthompson111214@gmail.com Hello Andrew, My name is Sara Thompson.  I am a Virtual Administrative Assistant at Park Consulting. Based on the skills and experience listed in your profile, my employer requested that I make contact with you. He wants to know if you would be open to confidentially exploring opportunities within our company.  Continue Reading

Rescheduling an Interview – Here’s What to Stay

rescheduling an interview

Thinking of rescheduling an interview should make you think again! The big day has arrived and you suddenly find yourself battling a nasty cold. Do you go ahead with the job interview or contact the interviewer to reschedule? Many career pundits strongly urge job candidates to fulfill interview obligations. However, we've never met a company recruiter that wants to sit across from a job candidate that constantly coughs and sneezes. Rescheduling an interview because you're sick is a no brainer; you only have to speak a few cold medicine addled words to get the job interviewer on your side. Outside of a bout with a nasty cold, you need to follow a few steps for rescheduling an interview that include knowing exactly what to say. Continue Reading

How To Find The Career That Is Best For You

career advice

It's not as easy as it sounds, finding the direction that your career should go in. Some people are lucky, they know from early on what they want to do and pursue it, finding happiness and success in their chosen field. However, statistically, most people will change their career path at least three times in their life - so if you're not sure what you want to do just yet, you are certainly not alone, and this article may be able to give you a little bit more clarification. Continue Reading

Job Interview Thank You Email Tips

job interview thank you email

When sending a job interview thank you email you'll want to make sure you're attention to detail is immaculate. Virtually every "How to Nail a Job Interview" includes a closing tip that emphasizes the importance of sending a thank you letter to the company. Although a thank you letter cements your high caliber interview performance, the method for expressing your gratitude has changed from typing out a thank you letter to sending your appreciation via email. Does sending a job interview thank you letter via electronic mail differ much from sending one via snail mail? The answer is no, except you need to include "Thank You" in the subject line of your email to grab the attention of the interviewer. After that, everything else about a job interview thank you letter follows the same game plan. Continue Reading

My Boss Plays Favorites – Now What?

boss favorites

My boss plays favorites. Help! The ideal work environment includes a level playing field for you and your professional peers. However, the ideal work environment is about as common as a unicorn sighting, so get used to working for a boss that plays favorites. It's one of the three facts of life, along with death and taxes. “Favoritism is absolutely seen in most offices, big or small,” says Ryan Kahn, a career coach and author of Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad. According to a research study released by Georgetown University, 92% of business executives polled stated they play favorites at work. Continue Reading

8 Reasons for Leaving a Job

leaving a job

According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American holds 11 jobs throughout his or her professional career. With an average career span of 44 years, the average American moves onto another job every four years. That is plenty of experience for an American worker to create a list of reasons for leaving a job. We move on to brighter professional pastures, but we must account for why we leave jobs. You have several scenarios for explaining why you left a job, with three scenarios unfolding the most often. Continue Reading

Skills That Entrepreneurs Must Possess


With so many start-ups coming up globally, it has become evident that everyone is trying to create a niche for themselves. There is a starting point for every business venture and almost every budding entrepreneur is boggled by the question, “Can I do it?” Some of the biggest entrepreneurs of today had the same question in mind years back when they started their business venture. Right from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, from Larry Ellison to Michael Bloomberg, from Jason Camper to Sergey Brin – everyone had doubts. But all these people had some excellent entrepreneurial skills, which helped them in surging ahead in business and make a place where they are in today. Continue Reading

The Joys of Doing Business in Puerto Rico


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s often the white sand beaches and azure ocean scenery that lands Puerto Rico in the news. But lately, the Caribbean island has received a lot of positive attention from the business world. Why you ask? Because even in the turbulent world we live in today, the territory has managed to create an aggressive economic and tax-incentive program for businesses looking to set up shop in paradise. Looking to make money? It's happening in Puerto Rico Many business owners in the contiguous United States have cited the following reasons for making the move to Puerto Rico: 4% corporate tax rate; 100% tax exemption on dividends or profit distributions; 100% exemption on property taxes; 100% tax exemption on all dividends and interest income; 100% tax exemption on all capital gains. Continue Reading

How to Write a Personal Mission Statement

personal mission statement

  Wondering how to write a personal mission statement? Read on! Most companies create mission statements that define the direction the company wants to move. If mission statements mold the future of successful companies, why do so many professionals neglect to devise mission statements of their own? You cannot expect to chart a career course, without developing a road map of where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Benefits of Learning How to Write a Personal Mission Statement Far too many professionals believe divine destiny shapes their careers. They never articulate a clearly defined career path. The lack of a personal mission statement has the same negative impact that it has on companies that never develop missions. Yet, how to write a personal mission statement produces several more benefits. Continue Reading

New Year, New Career: How to Prepare for a Career Change


  Has a new year new career attitude taken a hold of your soul? The New Year produces resolution lists that make a difference in our lives for about two weeks after the big crystal ball descends in Times Square. Sure, we adhere to an improved diet and new workout regimen until Super Bowl Sunday. That is, if we have the discipline to follow our new lifestyles for an entire month. Most of us discard our New Year's resolutions as about as fast as The Bachelor discards a new courtship. However, one New Year resolution requires all of your attention. Making a career change to mark the New Year involves implementing several strategies. Continue Reading

Boring Meeting? Try These Tips to Help You Cope

boring meeting

Yawn...it's another boring meeting. The lights dim, the projector beams its blinding light, and the speaker clears her throat to continue what appears to be a never-ending meeting. You have just come back from lunch break and the classic case of midday napping overtakes your attention span. No PowerPoint presentation is going to create a stir in your somnolent soul.  If you have a choice, you would rather spend time with the in laws than remain seated until the end of the day whistle blows at 5:00 Meetings represent the ultimate office endurance test, but fortunately, rather than simply play Office Bingo, you can implement tips to help you cope with a boring meeting. Continue Reading

Define Authority vs. Responsibility (and don’t forget accountability!)

define authority

Job interviews unfold with a series of questions intended to test the professional mettle of aspiring candidates. Many recruiters want to know if the candidates that sit in front of them understand the differences between authority and responsibility. You might have to answer the question, "Define authority and how it relates to responsibility." Savvy job candidates invariably add a little substance by discussing the meaning of accountability, and how it connects authority and responsibility. If it all sounds confusing, don't fret. After reading the following succinct explanation, you should nail the common job interview questions for managers, as well as understand how to implement authority and responsibility principles on the job. Continue Reading

Holiday Team Building Ideas

holiday team building

The time of year that brings us carols and hot chocolate also needs to bring us holiday team building ideas that make professional stress an afterthought. The Christmas holiday season creates more stress than the stress created during any other time of the year. From planning holiday feasts to purchasing gifts for the family, the iconic chant of ""Ho, ho, ho" has turned into the frantic "Go, go, go." Stress turns up a notch in the workplace, as companies place pressure on employees to meet end of year deadlines, while staying well below budget. Charity Starts at Work Charitable work performed by the private sector increases significantly during the holidays. Make charity work an exciting event by running a contest that rewards everyone for their hard work raising money and/or goods for charity. Divide department teams into between four and eight employees and allow each team to create a charity drive that benefits a non-profit organization. Each team selects a charity and a Continue Reading

Coworker Christmas Gifts: Buy Them Now, Less Stress Later


  Here we go again. The Christmas season lurks around the corner and just the thought of fighting off the hordes of shoppers raises our blood pressure. It's stressful enough to find the right gifts for family members and close friends, so why add to the stress by making buying gifts for the annual company grab bag an exercise in acute frustration. Buy coworker Christmas now and enjoy less stress later. And consider these bulk Christmas gifts! Why Now Is the Time to Buy Coworker Christmas Gifts Anyone that shops on Black Friday must love pain. Between the pushing and shoving lie a few good deals, but is it worth the stress to take advantage of saving a few dollars? At least Black Friday gives you plenty of time to buy coworker Christmas gifts before the office holiday office party. Many shoppers wait until the last minute to pick up gifts for the office holiday grab bag. Why endure undue stress from a simple task such as buying coworker Christmas gifts. It doesn't take Continue Reading

Why Do You Want This Job? How to Answer…And Why It’s Really Asked

why do you want this job

The words "why do you want this job" are uttered in 9 out of every 10 job interviews. And job interviews can make the most stoic poker faces turn into sweaty messes. After all, how often do we answer questions that determine our future career paths? It all starts with the "Tell Me About Yourself" question that although not really a question, sets the stage for the rest of the interview. In fact, many experienced job interviewers make up their minds after the first answer to interview questions. If you somehow manage to pass this question with flying colors, get ready for the next question that typically follows immediately or closely after "Tell Me Abut Yourself." Continue Reading

Top Ten Interview Questions (and answers)

top ten interview questions

Wondering how to answer today's top ten interview questions? Read on! Job interviews rank with trips to the dentist office as one of the most deplorable things that we face in life. Well, at least we know the dentist. Who wants to spend 30 to 60 minutes sitting under blinding lights and sweating out answers to questions that come from someone that we have never met? Let's make the job interview go smoothly by providing you with the top 10 interview questions and as a bonus, an idea on how to answer each question with professional aplomb. Continue Reading

Glossophobia: What It Is and How to Beat It


The dreaded day has finally arrived. After sweating through another restless night of sleep, you roll out of bed in fear of one of the most common phobias that plague mankind. No, we're not talking about rolling out of bed into the range of a lonely spider. We're talking about glossophobia, a fancy term that describes the inexorable fear of speaking in front of an audience. Oh, the audience doesn't have to number into the hundreds. You can experience glossophobia simply by getting up in front of a small group of your professional peers. Let's gloss over this fear by taking five steps to beat it. Continue Reading

How to Get Out of a Rut

stuck in a rut

Wondering how to get out of a rut? You're not alone. Bill Murray found himself stuck in a rut, as the reporter Phil covering the insanity of Groundhog Day. Every day, Phil awoke at the same time, with the same Sonny & Cher tune playing, within the same hotel room. Not only was Phil stuck in a career rut, he was completely immersed in a life rut. It took dramatic changes to his personality to extricate himself from the rut, but Phil eventually moved on with his life and hence, his career. One of the most perplexing problems professionals face involves learning how to get out of a rut. Continue Reading

How to Be a Great Manager


  The 2011 World Series clearly presented the differences between good and great managers. For every move Tony LaRussa made, Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington had no answer. The stark differences in management skills between good and great managers are also readily apparent in the workplace. Legendary leadership guru Peter Drucker created several theories based on observation that defined great management skills. The Drucker Way on How to Be a Great Manager Drucker passed away in 2005, but his legacy endures in defining how to be a great manager. He maintained throughout his career and within the voluminous books that he wrote that leadership comprises only one-albeit, and important one-component of great management skills. Drucker never over analyzed what made great managers. He predicated his theories on the axiom that successful managers demonstrated the professional skills to do things the right way. Continue Reading

What Makes a Good Employee?

good employee

  Ask 10 people to describe their favorite cheesecake and you might receive 10 different answers. That should never be the case for describing what makes a good employee. Sure, employers differ on some of the traits that define good employees, but six characteristics separate run-of-the-mill employees from employees that make significant contributions to your business. Dependability Employers should regard employee traits in the same way the federal government regards the food pyramid, except employers should never change what's inside of the employee traits pyramid. At the base of the good employee pyramid sits dependability. After all, a bright, hard working employee that's always late to work diminishes his or her contribution to the team. Highly skilled employees blessed with strong communication skills that no-call, no-show bring absolutely nothing to the table. Employers must recruit dependable employees that show up and show up on time. Continue Reading

A Guide on Self Assertion at Work

self assertion

Self Assertion-the act of expressing or defending your rights, claims, or opinions in a confident or forceful way. Merriam-Webster has defined pretty much anything under the sun, including the sun. Self-assertion represents a recent entry into the venerable dictionary's ever growing list of words and terms that keep us not only informed, but also on the good side of diction. Yet, the definition of self-assertion by Merriam Webster doesn’t give us a road map on how to "self-assert" ourselves in the workplace. Outside of the bedroom, no other place has more importance for self-assertion than what takes place at work. Hence, we offer a guide on self-assertion at work. Continue Reading

10 Back to School Tips for WORK

The streets are once again clogged with yellow buses.  Children are jamming straws into Carpi Sun drinks across the country.  The teacher christens a new blackboard with the first morsel of chalk. It must be back to school time! Please check out one of Jobacle's more popular posts and learn how you can benefit by making work like the first day of school... What do butterflies and tears have in common? Nothing, except you probably experienced both on your first day of school. Sure, you're all grown up now.  But I'm willing to bet that you can bring yourself back to the emotional roller coaster that was the first day of school! Going back to academic prison after a sun-soaked summer of kickball, sleepovers and block parties was always an anxiety-ridden time.  However, aside from the natural stress, the first day was always kind of exciting. It was a clean slate.  Hot new girls.  Fresh beginnings. Hot new girls. New start.  Fresh new clothes. Hot new girls or Continue Reading

How to Recognize the Signs That a Coworker Likes You

work crush

The first time that we discovered that someone liked us took place within the walls of grammar school. As we dozed off during another trite lecture about American history, one of our classmates woke us up by shooting a spit wad directly into the middle of our forehead. The urge to retaliate immediately waned, when we discovered that the reason for the spit wad was that the surly classmate wanted to pass us a note from a secret admirer. By the time we matured into our professional lives, we discovered countless other ways that secret admirers profess their interest in us that mean more than simply asking us out for a beer during happy hour. We now have like buttons on social media pages to remind us of our immense popularity. Continue Reading

Tips to Consider When On a Video Interview Call


Hosting an effective web conference or taking a video interview call are a set of skills all its own. Learning to master the skills of running a large multi-location meeting or just a person-to-person interview can help your organization coordinating geographically distant teams or with sourcing just the right hire for that opening. Following these interview hacks will help you define your own style and get web conference savvy. F2F 101 Web conferencing with services such as Blue Jeans is a very distinct and separate type of conference from simple telepresence. Where telepresence allows the interviewer to ask and listen, it is typically a very mono directional form of communication. Continue Reading

Moving On: Last Day of Work Checklist

last day of work

  The big day has finally arrived and what once felt like a good thing has turned into somewhat of a bittersweet departure. After all, you've forged several close personal and professional relationships that should last a lifetime. Despite the fact that leaving your current job removes your overbearing boss from your life, you know that the grass isn't necessarily greener at the next position in your career. Yet, the time has come to ensure that you meet all of the obligations on the last day of work checklist. Finalize the Transfer of Knowledge You simply can't leave your job for a peer, without prepping the peer in the nuances of the position. The mentoring began the moment you decided to leave the job. You learned whom the boss chose to assume your professional role and thus, you took the time and possessed the patience to groom the next person for the position. Item number one on the last day of work checklist involves tying up all the loose ends in the transition, Continue Reading

Want to Start a Business? Think About Puerto Rico

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puerto Rico. All opinions are 100% mine. Ready to start a business? That can be the best way to shake yourself out of the doldrums of a ho-hum job and a go-nowhere career. Entrepreneurship can be the path that will lead you to the job of your dreams. The question is where to do it. Its Happening in Puerto Rico. The state you live in may not have the best tax and regulatory structure to start your own business. That’s why it makes sense to think outside the box (and look just a little bit outside the country). The beauty and cultural richness of Puerto Rico creates the ideal environment for investment and business growth. Continue Reading

Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well


Low stress jobs that pay well? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Is there a correlation between job stress and compensation? Do you have to set and ignite blasting caps on the side of a mountain to earn six figures? Most job seekers correlate compensation to both expertise and the level of stress that jobs induce. However, career information expert Dr. Laurence Shatkin conducted a research study that demonstrates job seekers have an abundance of job opportunities that ensure blood pressure remains low. A Little Background Info about the Study Shatkin compiled average salaries for 767 occupations that the United States Department of Labor officially recognizes. Then, Dr. Shatkin matched a stress tolerance rating to each of the 767 occupations, as issued by Bureau of Labor Statistics and Occupational Information Network. Stress tolerance measures from zero to 100, with factors such as criticism and workplace safety playing roles in determining the rating. Lower scores signal low Continue Reading



  Employee handbooks provide the blueprint for learning how to handle virtually every type of situation that arises in the workplace. You learn how to confront sexual harassment, as well as the proper way to file employee grievances. Pay periods, work schedules, and workplace grooming also comprise part of the comprehensive employee handbook. You even learn how to move up in the company by reading the employee handbook. For all of its information, employee handbooks leave out one crucial topic: How to handle a hot coworker. Avoid Embarrassing Yourself Outside of a drool cup, there really isn't anything physical that helps you learn how to deal with a hot coworker. Science has not yet developed a tool that prevents your eyes from bugging out like one of Hanna Barbara's cartoon characters. Yet, you can take steps to avoid embarrassing your self around a hot coworker. First, when you notice the hot coworker strolling through the office, keep your head down and count to 10. Continue Reading

How to Under Promise and Over Deliver

over deliver

Your boss storms into your small cubicle holding a large stack of paperwork. You know he's not making a trip to the recycling center, so you wait for the inevitable question. "Smith, I need these documents thoroughly researched. When do you think you can finish the job?" You have hit the moment of truth in the workplace, although the truth is not really what you're after. Your goal is to master an unspoken edict in the workplace, something so mysterious than Tony Robbins has never addressed the issue. Heck, Tony Robbins probably discourages how to under promise and over deliver. Well, at least we save money by not buying his motivational tapes. Continue Reading

Personal Management Skills


You spent another day motivating the troops to perform the same mundane tasks that they performed yesterday, and the yesterday before yesterday. In fact, you've perfected the art of managing your team to perform the same mundane tasks every day of the working year. Yet, something is missing from your management skills repertoire. You always seem to finish a project within minutes the deadline. Many of your co-workers think your communication skills go about as far as your email address. You organize your day about as well as Donald Trump organizes his hair. The bottom line at the end of the cliché-ridden day is that you successfully manage other people, but your personal management skills need marked improvement. Continue Reading

What Salary Should I Ask For?


The third and final interview excruciatingly winds down to the final question. You've survived mind numbing questions such as "Where do you plan to be in five years" and "Tell me about a boss that you enjoyed working for." First, in five years, I want to be the one asking the dumb questions. Second, you would call me a liar, if I made up a boss that I enjoyed working for. So, let's cut to the chase and ask the last question of the interview. What salary should I ask for? You can flawlessly answer every interview question and still screw up because of the all-important what salary should I ask for question. Like Goldilocks and the porridge, ask for too much money and find the exit door. Ask for too less than what the job pays and the hiring manager might view you as someone that's less than confident. You need to be proactive and follow four simple steps to ensure you get the final question right. Continue Reading

How Much Sleep Do Adults Need?

How much sleep do adults need

"I'll sleep when I'm dead." How many times have we heard this declaration of invincibility from a co-worker, friend, family member, or even the sleep-deprived demons that live restlessly in our heads? We live in a culture that celebrates the walking dead, the adults wandering around aimlessly throughout the day barely functioning on a few hours sleep. Regardless for the reasons that motivate people to eschew sleep, the fact remains that sleep represents just as much of a contributor to living a healthy life as diet and exercise. For our health, we need to ponder the answer to the question, "How much sleep do adults need." How Much Sleep is Enough for Adults? According to the highly respected National Institute of Health (NIH), the answer to "How much sleep do adults need" does not vary much among the adult population. You've heard co-workers justify two to three hours of sleep per night by exclaiming, "My body knows how much sleep it needs." Hectic work schedules and immense Continue Reading

Rethinking the Role of Vocational Schooling


Vocational education, a mainstay of the American school system since the early 1900s, has experienced a slow but steady decline in the last few decades. What was once a pipeline into stable, middle class employment has become, in many schools, a shell of its former self; programs have either been slashed in the wake of “accountability” and college readiness mandates, or have become options of last resort for students who don’t do well in college-track programs. The Smith-Hughes Act provided federal funding for vocational education for the first time in 1917. At the time, the nature of schooling and work in the United States was changing dramatically. With rapid industrialization underway, it was no longer safe or feasible for kids to learn a trade at their parents’ sides, and apprenticeships, which had once taken place in small, specialized shops, were no longer practical as a way of training new workers at a rate adequate to meet production demands. Continue Reading