Voice Assistant Jobs On The Rise

voice assistant

The voice assistant craze is in full effect! Chances are you’ve seen products like these. Amazon is famous for their Alexa devices, Mattel has Aristotle and even Google has Google Assistant. All of these things are made to make your home “smarter” - playing your music, doing your groceries and even turning off your lights. The future is now, thanks to the growth of these voice technologies. Continue Reading

Traveling For Work Tips and a Business Trip Packing List

travelling for work - airport

Traveling for work is a huge part of many Americans’ day-to-day lives. Every day, millions of people get into their cars, board trains and take off on flights around the globe to help better their business - whether they’re working for themselves or for a company. What is traveling for work all about, how do you prepare for it and how can you put together the best business trip packing list? Let us show you how. Continue Reading

How to Make Time Go Faster at Work in 5 Easy Steps

make work go by faster treat yourself

Wondering how to make time go faster at work, eh? Well, it's an artform, and we all have our own unique ways to do it. That's because there are simply days where we find ourselves counting the seconds until we can leave. Everything feels slowed down, and we can't take it anymore! It just seems that no matter how much we have to do, or if we have nothing to do at all, that the hands on the clock tick by just a little bit slower. This is a handy guide for those kinds of days!  Continue Reading

Who Are Stakeholders and What They Mean to You

who are stakeholders

Everybody has heard the term but who are stakeholders? Stakeholders seems like one of those “business terms” that everybody throws around, without knowing what the heck they're talking about. Finding a way to define stakeholders isn’t easy because the definition is vague in and of itself. But, let’s try to explore what a stakeholder is, and how it could be affecting you more than you might think.  Continue Reading

Job Search Advice for 2017


Are you preparing to start 2017 looking for job search advice? Most people assume that figuring out how to look for jobs is the main component of the job search - but it’s so much more! There are so many trends, best practices and other factors shaping the job search market, it can almost be overwhelming at times. The best job searching tips are the ones that come from experience, though, and we’ve got advice for those heading into the New Year looking for a change of professional scenery. Continue Reading

Hosting a Friendsgiving at Work

friendsgiving at work

A Friendsgiving at work? The first thing you might be asking yourself has to be: what the heck is a "Friendsgiving"? We all know Thanksgiving as the time for families to get together, fill their bellies and enjoy one another's company - but what about your friends? Friendsgiving is an opportunity to get together with your pals, stuff yourselves full and thank one another for putting up with your hijinks and shenanigans from the previous year. Continue Reading

5 Phone Interview Tips to Get That Job

phone interview tips where not to sit

Learning about different phone interview tips is just as much understanding the interview process, as it is understanding the phone interview process. Everyone loves landing an interview because it means that your resume (and other credentials) left enough of an impression that someone liked you - they really liked you!  Continue Reading

Performance Review for Employees: Nail Your First Review!


A performance review for employees is often a dreaded part of any workplace, but it's a rite of passage! If you've been working somewhere for six months, or for a year, you're going to have to be evaluated on your performance at some point. A performance review is a good chance to look back and to look ahead. Continue Reading

Recruiter Relationships – How to Manage Getting Scouted


Recruiter relationships are a key part of any career if you're good at your job! After all, you’re going to be in high demand! Figuring out how to respond to recruiters, how to let them know the information they want to hear and how to best maintain that relationship is incredibly important. Whether you're looking to switch things up, or have nothing to do at work and want to get a leg up on the competition. Let’s get started and let's get recruited… Continue Reading

Open Offices & Open Workplace Etiquette


The rise of open offices has triggered a sort of “open office” revolution for a humongous amount of workplaces across the country - it feels like the death of the cubicle! The rise in the use of open offices makes sense, though, since it’s easier for people to think in open areas, easier for them to communicate, and it saves money on office furniture (like partitions). Continue Reading

No Motivation to Work? Let’s Get Motivated!

no motivation to work - seeking feedback

Having no motivation to work is one of the biggest issues that the average worker might have to tackle in their career. After all, what’s worse then going into your office everyday only to want to leave immediately? Learning how to stay motivated at work is an essential skill, and it’s an art, too. It makes your work better, and it makes you better! Continue Reading

The Office Olympics Summer 2016 Are Here!

office olympics - having fun

The Office Olympics are simply the best. Just like the regular Olympics, with the best events, the best athletes, in some of the best cities in the world, the Office Olympics are all about rewarding excellence. The road to Rio has already been paved, with the start of the Summer Olympics right around the corner. We want to pay tribute to those who have been training so hard to represent their nations on the world stage by playing our own version of the Olympics at home: here is the breakdown for the Office Olympics Summer 2016! Continue Reading

Mr. Popular: How to Get People to Like You at Work

how to get people to like you - fun happy coworkers

Wondering how to get people to like you? Read on! Learning how to get people to like you at work doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, it’s simple. Understandably, starting a new job can be a stressful experience. You come into an office filled with people you don’t know, sit down at a desk that wasn’t yours until today, and dive into a whole host of new (and potentially challenging) roles and responsibilities. While for some this can be super exciting, it can start to sound like a nightmare for others! Continue Reading

Morning Routines: Starting Your Day Off Right


Morning routines are an underrated aspect of maintaining sanity at your job, because they work! Having the best morning routine truly sets up the rest of your day for success, because it helps to set the tone for your day. Whether it’s a routine you practice at home, on your way to the office, or once you sit down at your desk, you’re going to want a morning routine that works for you! As humans, we thrive on the consistency and the comfort of routine. This means that they're good for our personal, professional, and overall health.  How do you create a morning routine that works for you?  Continue Reading

Workplace Problem: Self Importance at Work


Dealing with self importance on your professional journey is simply something that is going to happen. There are all kinds of toxic employers, co-workers, and customers, but someone who displays an intense amount of self importance could potentially be the most detrimental to your work. What does self importance look like? Let’s take a look… Continue Reading

Feel Confident: 10 Tips to Build Confidence at Work

feel confident - confident worker

Do you want to feel confident when you do your job? Of course you do! Everyone should have self-confidence while they’re at work, so learning how to build self esteem is actually an essential aspect of your professional life. Having confidence is key, not only to feeling good, but to getting the job you’re being paid to do done — after all, it’s called ‘employee of the month,’ not ‘self-doubter of the month’. There are certain things you can focus on to feel confident at work, in fact, here are ten ways you can build on your self esteem in the workplace: Don’t hate on yourself Nobody likes a hater, especially when that person is yourself! That’s why the first thing you’ll want to do in order to feel confident at work is to cut down on negative language. Telling yourself that you can’t do something, that you’re not good at something, or that you don’t deserve the job you have is never a good place to start. This sort of consistent negative self-deprecating can actually reflect in Continue Reading

4 Ways to Cope with a Micromanager at Work

micromanager reaction

Chances are you know a micromanager. The kind of person who  comes lurking over your shoulder to lay their eyes on your computer screen.  “How’s the report/presentation/spreadsheet coming?” There you have it, the dreaded micromanager. The person who is so incredibly interested in what you’re doing, you’re not even sure they have the time to complete their own tasks. It’s like they’ve been hired to keep tabs on every last thing you’re doing at work! Don’t fret too much though, as there are plenty of ways to handle a micromanager. But let’s cover the basics… Continue Reading

Nothing to Do at Work? We’ve Got Ideas!

bored at work

At some point or another, we've all found ourselves with nothing to do at work. This might be because we simply don't have any interest in the work we're doing, we're not being supervised properly, or the work we're doing is so simple that we finished it hours ago. Finding ourselves scrolling aimlessly through clickbait, wikipedia articles, and google search results, we can almost feel our souls escaping our bodies. Continue Reading

Business Travel Tips – Winning the Travel Battle

business travel tips

Business travel tips are necessary, because nobody likes travelling for business when their body is sore, their clothes are wrinkled, and they have screaming children wailing in their ears. The fact of the matter is that business travel is a billion dollar industry, and that if you haven’t traveled on business yet, there will come a time where you have to hop on a plane, train, or in an automobile to journey across the country for work. Continue Reading

How to End a Cover Letter – Close It the Right Way!

laptop cover letter writing notebook

The best way to learn how to end a cover letter, is to learn how to begin a cover letter effectively. Many people glance over the importance of a cover letter, thinking that an employer will do the same, when this simply isn’t the case. Depending on the type of employer, they may even value the cover letter over the value of the resume. How to begin, and how to close a cover letter are essential aspects of your next application. Let’s think about how… Why is a cover letter so important? A cover letter is important because it is essentially a demonstration of fit, relative to any position. The fact of the matter is that when you see a position you are interested in, you might be thinking to yourself, “of course I can do that!” The same thing can’t be said for an employer when they finally take a look at your application. Your cover letter is an expository document, meant to guide a hiring manager to the most important parts of your resume. Should I create a separate cover letter Continue Reading