Fresh Gift Ideas for Coworkers This Holiday 2016


  Need gift ideas for coworkers? The holiday season is fast approaching, which means office holiday parties are right around the corner. Gift exchanges are lots of fun, but deciding what presents to give the people at your workspace (that you may not know incredibly well) can be challenging. You want to find something thoughtful and creative, while avoiding cliches or unprofessionalism. We’ve put together a list of thoughtful, simple and easy to find gifts that will delight a coworker, no matter who they are. Visit our sister website for more great coworker gift ideas. Continue Reading

When is the right time to ask for a raise?


Sometimes even before accepting a job, you’re already planning for when to ask for a raise. The need for just compensation becomes harder to deny if you’ve been working hard for quite some time, and nobody has offered a reward. But asking for (and actually receiving) a raise requires finesse. You can’t just blurt it out in the middle of a staff meeting at the end of your first week. It’s normal to be hesitant and feel awkward when trying to find the words to ask for a raise with your boss. Money is an awkward subject, and asking for more raises the stakes. If you’re wondering about the right time to ask for a raise, we’ll be walking through a couple situations where it might be appropriate. Continue Reading

The Benefits of Exercise and Exercises To Do at Work


These exercises to do at work can have a huge impact on your mood and productivity. The typical office situation is sitting down at a desk for 8 hours every day, with minimal breaks or physical activities to break it up. This can negatively affect your health, but also the quality of your work and overall energy level. Sitting all day increases health risks and induces boredom. No need to run a marathon - it doesn’t take much to get major health benefits from doing basic exercises at work. So here’s why you should start exercising at work, and what exercises to do at work! Continue Reading

What Causes Work Depression and How to Deal With it


According to Mental Health America, 1 out of every 20 workers is experiencing depression. Much of what leads to depression is work-related depression. Let’s take a look at what causes work depression, and how to deal with it. Continue Reading

Passed Over for Promotion? Don’t Get Pissed, Get Even


No one wants to be in a position where they're passed over for promotion, but this can certainly be a turning point in your career. So what do you do if you get passed over for a promotion? It may be tempting to act with an attitude and lower the quality of your work, but that’s an amateur move. What’s the best way to handle this situation? Don’t get pissed - work harder to get even by improving yourself. Continue Reading

When Is it Worth it to Work for Free?


  There are a number of situations where people might be asked to work for free, including: Internships Volunteer Work Test Work Before a Job Sometimes it makes sense to take unpaid work so that what results is volunteer experience for your resume. Other times, when people ask you to work for free, they’re just trying to take advantage of you. So how can you tell the difference? Let’s take a look at when it makes sense to work for free, and when you should say “No” to unpaid work. Continue Reading

Why You Must Send a Follow-Up Email After a Networking Event

networking event

  Networking events can either be a total waste of time or a goldmine of opportunity. It all depends on your focus while you're there and your follow-up afterwards.  If you’re in sales, relevant industry or local networking events may be a great way to start a relationship with potential prospects. It’s hard to make a sale without trust, and it’s hard to gain trust without meeting with prospects in person. If you’re looking to change jobs or transition into a different industry, relevant networking events can be a great way to make valuable contacts that can directly or indirectly help you make your next move, career-wise. Regardless of your goal, it’s important to send a follow-up email after a networking event. But that’s not where your follow up should stop. Here are the best practices for sending a follow-up email after a networking event, and how else to make the best of your new connections! Continue Reading

Learn Something New Every Day

learn something new every day

Regardless of what industry you're in (or want to be in), things change on a near-daily basis and you will want to learn something new every day in order to advance. Whether it's new knowledge or learning a better process for getting something done, it's important to stay current to be competitive in today's tough job market. If knowledge truly is power, then you should do your best to learn something new every day. It doesn't have to be hard, or boring. And it definitely doesn't have to take up a lot of your precious free time. Here are several different high-level ideas to learn something new every day, for any person in any industry! Continue Reading

Finding Your Passion in Life

career passion

  It’s heartbreaking to think of the number of people who go to work day after day, year after year, and absolutely hate their jobs. Most people push down their distaste and apply themselves to “the grind,” hoping that someday they’ll magically fall into a job that they truly love. But finding your passion in life and working in a job you love is not something that happens by accident. The people who are working in jobs they love have worked hard to get there, dropping hints and making their true desires known along the way. If you’re wondering, “How do I find my passion?” and how to transition to a career that’s more in line with it, here’s what you need to know. Continue Reading

6 Skype Interview Tips to Get the Job

Skype interview tips

These Skype interview tips 2016 will separate you from the pack! You’ve probably had a phone interview, and if you’re gainfully employed, chances are good that you’ve had an in-person interview as well. But a new wave of job interviewing has popped up - the Skype interview. A Skype interview is an awkward cross between a phone interview and an in-person interview. On the bright side, you don’t have to physically go somewhere as long as your house or apartment has wifi. The bad news is that you do actually need to shower and make yourself presentable. The following Skype interview tips will set you up for success in this new type of job interview situation. Continue Reading

How to Write an Objective for a Resume


If you’re a college student looking to land an internship, or a post-grad professional who’s laser-focused on the type of position they know they want, knowing how to write an objective for a resume is an essential skill. But what are the best things to keep in mind for a career objective statement? In this article, we’ll go over career objective examples and tie everything together. Continue Reading

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary

good Linkedin summary

  Everything you need to write a good LinkedIn summary. When most people first get started using LinkedIn, they’re often overwhelmed by the many different sections of their new online profile that must be filled in to be most effective on the platform. Perhaps one of the most important, though often rushed-through pieces, is the summary area on a LinkedIn profile. Whether you’re just trying to update your LinkedIn profile or are starting anew, here are some best practices. Continue Reading

Side Hustle Ideas That Fit Your Passions

side hustle ideas

These side hustle ideas can help satisfy your creative cravings -- and fill up your Paypal account too! Are you unsatisfied at work? Or maybe you’re not unsatisfied, but there’s something missing from your current role. Perhaps you’re looking for a creative outlet, or a chance to pick up a new skill. Side hustles, as they’ve come to be known, are part-time jobs you create for yourself in addition to a regular full-time job. The fact that they’re a hustle is usually an attest to the fact that they come back to a passion and aren’t just a money maker. Though truthfully, most side hustles are also a way to fill in the gaps as far as what you’re earning at your full-time job, and how much money you want to make to be happy. Continue Reading

How to Choose a Mentor – The How-to Guide

how to choose a mentor

Wondering how to choose a mentor? Jobacle has you covered! There are so many companies that have programs that pair young professionals with more senior members of their desired field. Some try to force this connection, but it’s not likely to result in a positive experience unless both parties have chosen to participate completely of their own free will. But just because it’s not a requirement isn’t a reason to ignore the benefits of finding (or being) a mentor. I’ve had many mentors since graduating college and starting to take my career more seriously. Some mentors have resulted from official company-sponsored programs, others I’ve sought out because of respect I have for what they’ve achieved. Continue Reading