Breeding Happy Brand Ambassadors In Your Office

The most important people in your business are your employees. Why? Their happiness does two things: gauges your success and, assuming that they respect you and your mission, grows your business. By having faith in your people and giving them the autonomy to complete their duties without micro-managing, they will feel that respect and offer it right back to you.

Foster the People

Employees need to feel special. For the most part, they want to grow and develop. There is a world of ideas, ones you have never thought of, right in front of your eyes. The faces you see everyday want to have their voices heard. Sometimes what they say could be your next big break. To have their support, you must give them a culture of purpose and hope. They, of all people, must trust and believe in your brand … your mission. Keep in constant dialogue with them. Involve them in the growth. Allow them to shine. Recognize their accomplishments. By fostering your people, they will feel wanted and needed. If they feel this way, they will stay.

Once you have your employees believing in your brand purpose, you have created brand ambassadors. They will spread the word in a positive way everywhere they go. What better reward than offering them a set of their own business cards? One of the best forms of marketing is word of mouth and when you have your brand ambassadors out there, there’s no stopping growth.

Keep Your People Happy

Business News Daily reports there are simple keys to your employee’s happiness other than offering benefits alone:

  • Encourage growth and offer room for it.
  • Contribute to their continuing education.
  • Ante up small incentives, whether it a $25 gift card or a bottle of champagne. When they reach a certain goal, people want to feel valued. There are other ways to show your employees that you are proud to have them on the team. Monthly awards ceremonies honoring particular employees that stand out is a good start. A prize wheel that has numerous rewards from “lunch with the boss” to “$50 gift card to Bath Body Works” to “$100 cash” will keep them on their toes in hopes of a spin.
  • Create a fun office environment. Let’s face it, the people in your office see each other more than they see their own families. If you want to keep them happy, a positive work environment is a must. Keep morale high by playing different music each day, allowing individuals to select the style of the day. Stop everyone working in the middle of the day for announcements and positive reinforcements. Bring in lunch every now and then and have theme days during different holidays (team jersey day, neon day, ugly Christmas sweater day).
  • Provide unique benefits like child or pet care.
  • Help workers live healthier: One growing trend is to bring a masseuse in to the office to give 10-minute neck rubs once or twice a month. You can set up health programs for your employees mental and physical health to help them live with less stress. They’ll return the favor with increased productivity. It’s all about the work/life balance.
  • Give them time to surf the web and get on their social networks. They are going to do it anyway. If they are allotted time, they will be less likely to sneak on their Facebook and Instagram accounts throughout the day.

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