Fresh Gift Ideas for Coworkers This Holiday 2016


  Need gift ideas for coworkers? The holiday season is fast approaching, which means office holiday parties are right around the corner. Gift exchanges are lots of fun, but deciding what presents to give the people at your workspace (that you may not know incredibly well) can be challenging. You want to find something thoughtful and creative, while avoiding cliches or unprofessionalism. We’ve put together a list of thoughtful, simple and easy to find gifts that will delight a coworker, no matter who they are. Visit our sister website for more great coworker gift ideas. Continue Reading

Hosting a Friendsgiving at Work

friendsgiving at work

A Friendsgiving at work? The first thing you might be asking yourself has to be: what the heck is a "Friendsgiving"? We all know Thanksgiving as the time for families to get together, fill their bellies and enjoy one another's company - but what about your friends? Friendsgiving is an opportunity to get together with your pals, stuff yourselves full and thank one another for putting up with your hijinks and shenanigans from the previous year. Continue Reading

The Office Olympics Summer 2016 Are Here!

office olympics - having fun

The Office Olympics are simply the best. Just like the regular Olympics, with the best events, the best athletes, in some of the best cities in the world, the Office Olympics are all about rewarding excellence. The road to Rio has already been paved, with the start of the Summer Olympics right around the corner. We want to pay tribute to those who have been training so hard to represent their nations on the world stage by playing our own version of the Olympics at home: here is the breakdown for the Office Olympics Summer 2016! Continue Reading

Mr. Popular: How to Get People to Like You at Work

how to get people to like you - fun happy coworkers

Wondering how to get people to like you? Read on! Learning how to get people to like you at work doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, it’s simple. Understandably, starting a new job can be a stressful experience. You come into an office filled with people you don’t know, sit down at a desk that wasn’t yours until today, and dive into a whole host of new (and potentially challenging) roles and responsibilities. While for some this can be super exciting, it can start to sound like a nightmare for others! Continue Reading

Workplace Problem: Self Importance at Work


Dealing with self importance on your professional journey is simply something that is going to happen. There are all kinds of toxic employers, co-workers, and customers, but someone who displays an intense amount of self importance could potentially be the most detrimental to your work. What does self importance look like? Let’s take a look… Continue Reading

Feel Confident: 10 Tips to Build Confidence at Work

feel confident - confident worker

Do you want to feel confident when you do your job? Of course you do! Everyone should have self-confidence while they’re at work, so learning how to build self esteem is actually an essential aspect of your professional life. Having confidence is key, not only to feeling good, but to getting the job you’re being paid to do done — after all, it’s called ‘employee of the month,’ not ‘self-doubter of the month’. There are certain things you can focus on to feel confident at work, in fact, here are ten ways you can build on your self esteem in the workplace: Don’t hate on yourself Nobody likes a hater, especially when that person is yourself! That’s why the first thing you’ll want to do in order to feel confident at work is to cut down on negative language. Telling yourself that you can’t do something, that you’re not good at something, or that you don’t deserve the job you have is never a good place to start. This sort of consistent negative self-deprecating can actually reflect in Continue Reading

4 Ways to Cope with a Micromanager at Work

micromanager reaction

Chances are you know a micromanager. The kind of person who  comes lurking over your shoulder to lay their eyes on your computer screen.  “How’s the report/presentation/spreadsheet coming?” There you have it, the dreaded micromanager. The person who is so incredibly interested in what you’re doing, you’re not even sure they have the time to complete their own tasks. It’s like they’ve been hired to keep tabs on every last thing you’re doing at work! Don’t fret too much though, as there are plenty of ways to handle a micromanager. But let’s cover the basics… Continue Reading



  Employee handbooks provide the blueprint for learning how to handle virtually every type of situation that arises in the workplace. You learn how to confront sexual harassment, as well as the proper way to file employee grievances. Pay periods, work schedules, and workplace grooming also comprise part of the comprehensive employee handbook. You even learn how to move up in the company by reading the employee handbook. For all of its information, employee handbooks leave out one crucial topic: How to handle a hot coworker. Avoid Embarrassing Yourself Outside of a drool cup, there really isn't anything physical that helps you learn how to deal with a hot coworker. Science has not yet developed a tool that prevents your eyes from bugging out like one of Hanna Barbara's cartoon characters. Yet, you can take steps to avoid embarrassing your self around a hot coworker. First, when you notice the hot coworker strolling through the office, keep your head down and count to 10. Continue Reading

Gift Giving Etiquette for Workers


The winter holidays increase the stress in an already stressful work environment. Office decoration parties and holiday social events combine to push some workers over the edge. However, one annual rite of passage causes the most consternation among company workers. Whether your company assigns or promotes grab bag gift giving, you can rest assured that office gift giving produces enough angst to fill the largest stocking. Make the holiday season less stressful by learning about gift giving etiquette for workers. (And find great cheap gift ideas for coworkers!) Personalize Your Gift Personalizing your gift means a couple of things for gift giving etiquette for workers. Your colleges feel appreciated whenever they receive holiday gifts that match their personal preferences. For example, if you have to find a gift for a bird lover, consider buying binoculars to enhance your co-workers bird watching experiences. Another example of personalizing a holiday gift is to use your talents Continue Reading

5 Ways to Stay out of the Hair of a Combative Coworker


The workplace is crawling with a menagerie of characters. The quiet one in the corner who only comes alive at the office Christmas party. The “Good Morning!” guy, the dude who is way too loud and boisterous for 8 o’clock in the morning. And the one with a chip on their shoulder and a persecution complex, always itching for an argument. That erratic behavior may seem irrational, but it can sometimes be an actual strategy, developed over years to keep people at bay. Angry outbursts and aggressive behavior can provide a substantial defense shield for the insecure. That is generally what you are up against when faced with a contentious colleague. Here are some strategies for dealing with that type of headache. Embrace the Inane Small talk may be the last thing you want to engage in with anyone, be it your morning coffee connection or your co-worker. But embracing and getting better at the art of talking about nothing can keep you in a decent relationship with even the most backstabby Continue Reading

Cool Gifts for Coworkers – Unique Ideas for the Holidays


Are you looking for gifts for coworkers that are original and fun? Then you have come to the right place! You see, we know perfectly well from our own experience that no one appreciates one more notebook, pencil holder or bottle of wine. All those items, that are typical office gifts, have been around for so long that they are now just plain boring. If you want to find cool gifts for coworkers, you will need to be a bit more creative. Luckily for you, we love lists and we have made one just for you with the coolest, yet work-appropriate choices of gifts. Continue Reading

Coworker Gift Ideas: Cool Tape Dispensers

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No matter what type of desk job you have, funny office supplies can help lighten the mood, and are a great coworker gift idea.  What all jobs have in common, is the use of tape. Things will tear, things need to be kept together, things need to be masked. And that is why cool tape dispensers are a great gift for coworkers! Following is a list of fun tape dispenser that are suitable for different work environments and coworkers with different tastes and personalities. You will surely find something that suits your needs. Here is our list of funny office supplies, specifically, today we will look at cool tape dispensers. Continue Reading

SodaStream at the Office Gets a Sparkling Response


Sometimes I see things that make me sad I'm an adult. It could be a new toy. Or perhaps an animated movie. Maybe a candy bar. So when the SodaStream first hit store shelves, I was beside myself. It was a childhood dream come true: unlimited soda, any flavor, anytime. Almost too much for me to process. With a relatively new baby at home and enough juvenile antics and gadgets to convince anyone I'm 13 (I'm in my 30s!), I knew bringing the SodaStream in through the front door was a no-no. And that's when I had a light bulb moment. Since the SodaStream does not require any electricity, I would not be violating company policy if I brought it into work with me. And this is how I instantly became the hero of the week! Continue Reading

How to Get Your Coworkers to Like You

Getting your coworkers to like you depends on many variables.  Some of these variables you can control, such as your own behavior, and others, such as the mindset of your coworkers, can't be controlled.  Some variables simply depend upon you react.  In this article, we will explore a few of the different ways that you can bring even the “toughest cookie” around to your side. Keep this key fact in mind; you may be able to get most of your coworkers to like, you but people are complex, flawed and, yes, sometimes completely horrible.  There may be occasions where the best you can hope for is to get a coworker or coworkers to leave you alone.  That aside, in most situations, you will be able to successfully get your coworkers to like you.  Step One-Be Persistent and Consistent People like predictability.  Even people who fancy themselves as thrill-seeking maniacs like having predictable, consistent and reliable coworkers.  If you are Continue Reading

How Can You Deal with a Coworker That Is Driving You Crazy?

Knowing how to deal with a coworker that is driving you crazy is essential for your success in a company as well as your mental well-being.  It will even benefit your overall health.  Sooner or later you will run into a coworker that drives you insane.  Ultimately, there is likely little you can do to keep this from happening.  Even carefully evaluating a company before joining its ranks ultimately cannot protect you.   After all, a new hire could walk through the door at any minute.  This means that you need to have a strategy in advance for how to deal with a coworker that stresses you out.  Step One - Neutralize Maybe you’re in luck.  Perhaps your dilemma isn’t quite as bad as it seems.  The first step is to pause and carefully evaluate your situation.  Ask yourself important questions such as, “Can I take easy steps to minimize contact with this annoying person?” or "Are there steps I can take to reduce Continue Reading

How to Make Friends at Work

From learning the company’s standards to adapting your daily commute, starting a new job can be difficult for a variety of reasons. However, one of the more difficult aspects of changing jobs is making new friends at work. Whether you’re trying to earn acceptance into a solidly-formed clique at work or are worried about being disliked, the following are five tried and true ways to make friends at work.   Get out There Cowering in your cubicle at work all day will achieve the exact opposite of what you desire if you want to make friends at work. To begin building relationships with your coworkers, you must get out from behind your work desk and socialize with others. From the break room to the boardroom, there are plenty of opportunities to interact with coworkers and to begin building friendships with them. Be Genuine A natural instinct most people feel while getting to know others is to be overly nice or super enthusiastic. While you should come across to your Continue Reading

How to Show Condolences to a Coworker

Unfortunately, it is likely that you will eventually need to express sympathy to a colleague after they experience the loss of a loved one. You may not be called upon to attend a funeral, but as a good coworker, you should be ready to extend your condolences. Death is a sensitive subject for most, but there are number of ways you can help make the office a more comfortable place during a tragic period. Here are a few ways to offer condolences to a coworker in need. Easy Exchange The simplest way to show your condolences is to just come out and say it. Tell him or her you are sorry for his or her loss. A hug may be too strong of a gesture, but a soft pat on the back can be an easy exchange of kindness.  If your coworker wants to talk about his or her experience, lend an ear. If he or she wants to keep his or her feelings private, respect his or her wishes. Either way, your coworker will feel comforted by your kind words and offerings of support. Leave a Token in Their Continue Reading

What to Do When an Irritating Coworker Drives You Up the Wall

Have you ever had a coworker who just won't stop talking while you're trying to concentrate? How about a manager who constantly criticizes your best efforts, just for the sake of asserting their authority? When it comes to irritating colleagues, almost everyone can relate. Although work relationships are not marriages -- you (probably) won't be dealing with your current coworkers for the rest of your life -- the same problem-solving and give-and-take techniques that make home relationships work can be utilized in an office or workplace. Whatever your current situation, following these maxims will help smooth out the problem and bring your work life back to level ground. Positivity Wins You catch more flies with honey than vinegar -- that is, if you're into catching flies. But whenever someone is annoying you (i.e., using earphones cranked as loud as speakers or hogging the copy machine), getting upset will just raise your blood pressure and theirs. Enter every Continue Reading

Office Etiquette Involves Showing Respect to Co-Workers

No matter how long the list of careers, there is nothing worse than having a co-worker who has an annoying habit. This can happen in any industry. While some people are very in-tune with how their behavior and actions affect others, there are many people who just don’t seem to “get it.” They talk so loud that everyone in the office can hear their conversations, they wear perfume that smells strong and pollutes the air, and they invade their co-workers’ personal space. The Most Important Etiquette Rules to Follow at Work Volume Control: If you are in a cubicle or in an open area, keep your voice down. This includes phone conversations as well as in-person conversations. Not only might you be revealing confidential information to co-workers without realizing it, your loud voice is probably disrupting the productivity of others working in your area. Your Personal Life: You might have some friends in your office who like to hear about your personal life, but the majority of your Continue Reading

Bosses Day 2012: Honoring a Boss You Dislike

Bosses Day 2012 is quickly approaching. Are you ready? If you dislike your boss, you may dread the annual day honoring the undeserving manager. While you may be tempted to overlook the occasion to symbolize your feelings, the snub could end up being a dire mistake. The following are four reasons why recognizing Boss's Day in at least a minor way is better than doing nothing. Be the Bigger Person Snubbing your boss on their day of honor won’t go unnoticed. Even if you’ve been battling incessantly with management, set the issues aside and be the bigger person at least for this one day. Showing that you can recognize the boss even in the midst of conflict proves your worth for future leadership positions and may just lead the path towards a less complicated future with your boss. Keep Your Job While you may not like your boss, the job market may be a little slim, making it unlikely you’ll find immediate employment elsewhere. Not recognizing your boss on Boss’s Day could pave Continue Reading

Do You Hate Staplers As Much As I Do?

When I'm searching for a gift for coworkers or just want to put something on my desk that will get the office talking, Uncommon Goods is often my first stop. The Brooklyn-based retailer specializes in unique gifts and creative finds.  With super customer service, speedy shipping, and a commitment to sustainability, this is a local company that Jobacle can proudly support and recommend. They were also able to help me with a serious problem: Stapler malfunctions. I hate staplers.  Maybe it's my heavy hand.  Maybe it's bad luck. Whatever the case, I can never seem to get the staple in the way I want it. That of course is assuming the darned thing isn't jammed or empty. The solution? Staple-less staplers. Not only do they look cool on my desk, but they ensure that I will never run out of stapling power.  The ingenious manual gadget keeps papers together by punching a small hole and folding a small flap for secure binding. Simple…yet brilliant! The "stapler" works Continue Reading

How to Deal When a Favorite Coworker Quits

Since you spend the majority of each week at work, forming bonds with others in the workplace is natural. Consider yourself particularly lucky if you found a coworker with common interests and who you can now call a true friend. Unfortunately, things change in the workplace and employees often quit. If a close coworker friends is the one currently leaving the company, you may be feeling a little disoriented. The following are four tips for dealing with the departure in the best manner. Form Other Friendships A great way to deal with the departure of a coworker friend is to begin forming other friendships in the workplace. Your previous close bond with the coworker who quit may have actually been holding you back from getting to know others in your department. By learning more about other coworkers now, the department may not have as strong of an impact. Review Your Job Are you sad because a favorite coworker left or are you bitter because you weren’t the first one to leave Continue Reading

Dealing with an Annoying Co-Worker

Working alongside other people can be a great experience but it can also bring its fair share of difficulties for many people. Firstly, let's have a look at the main types of annoying co-workers: The Gossip A little harmless discussion about current events in the workplace is one thing, but working with someone who likes to share everyone else’s business and their opinions on it, can be a real drain. You will need to learn how to avoid gossip to stay clear of this one!   The “Smelly Food” Eater Of course, we all have different tastes in food, but in the workplace it is worth thinking about how what you are eating and drinking will affect those around you. An egg sandwich now and then might be forgiven, but you don’t want to be known as the colleague with smelly food!   The Noisy Colleague When you are working in a shared environment, an awareness of your behaviors and noise levels on those around you is necessary. If you work with Continue Reading

9 Things Your Co-Workers Hate to Hear

“I can’t believe they said that!” This is something you don’t want your co-workers saying about you… but chances are, someone’s said it about you at one point or another. While many no-no’s at work are obvious (e.g. “You’re the worst boss ever!”) even seemingly harmless phrases can come back at you with a vengeance. Below are seven common phrases you should never, ever say at work… #1. “That’s not my job.” Ugh. You may as well say “I’m not going to help you unless I absolutely have to.” The truth is, people approach you for a reason: they either want your input or genuinely need your help. In either case, use this opportunity to show you’re ready to help. And who knows? They may return the favor down the line… #2. “How did they get promoted?” Even if your boss is worse than Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock, keep it to yourself. Spreading negative opinions about others make you look unprofessional and (even worse) bitter. However, you should mention their shortcomings during performance Continue Reading

Handling the Office Complainer

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was acceptable to simply slap a piece of duct tape over the mouth of the office complainer? Of course, then you would have to fasten their hands together so the tape couldn’t be removed, which means you would likely end up having to do their job too! Clearly, duct tape is not the best solution. Still, no one wants to listen to whining or complaining. Not to mention, negativity is contagious, and even if you don’t catch it, others in the office might! Does Ignoring Work? Although it can be tempting to ignore them and hope they lose interest and go away, they are not a bee, and they typically will not lose interest. In fact, studies show that constant complainers are often motivated to complain more when they feel as though their concerns are being dismissed. While you may think you are doing the right thing, you are simply adding fuel to the fire. You don’t want to be responsible for the explosion, do you? Listen Sometimes, a complainer Continue Reading

The Open Floor Plan – But Not at Work

It struck me the other day that once again, it’s a good thing I work from home. It was 3:30 p.m. and I was still in pjs. I WAS working, but if I worked in an office environment it wouldn’t fly. Especially as businesses are still enamored with the open floor plan concept, there’re quite few things I’d have to worry about besides my work attire. Yes, the “open office” creates the illusion of more personal work space, but what about privacy and distractions? PrivacyIf you’re still working in a cubicle environment, you may feel it shrinking as companies look to save money. But at least you can pretend you have a private space when you have a little four-foot high wall between you and the co-workers. You probably still have to find a conference room to make a personal call (or at least I hope you do), though. Think about how creepy it would be if your open office layout allowed everyone to know your business – with other people, like your boss Continue Reading

How To Deal With A Negative Co-Worker

Dealing with negative people can be a challenge, especially if they are also your co-worker! We can usually choose to spend less time or walk away from negative people but at work, it isn’t always that easy. Don’t Get Dragged Down If you have a negative co-worker or co-workers, it can take some will power to resist being pulled into their negativity but it is important to try to stay positive. The people we spend time with each day can have a big impact on our mood and outlook so being aware of this influence can help to choose who we associate with and spend time with wisely. You may not be able to eliminate all contact with a negative co-worker but keeping your contact professional and to a minimum can help you to stay positive and on top of your work. Ditch Complaining You could create your own rule to ditch complaining. Most people enjoy complaining to some degree, but if we allow it to, negativity can become a bad habit that is draining for you and those around you. Continue Reading

4 Ways to Fend Off Fundraising Coworkers

A coworker approaches. The glossy catalog and order form in his hand betray his intentions: He wants you to buy something for his kid’s fundraiser. What is it this time? Candy bars, candles, wrapping paper? Whatever it is, you’re sure of one thing: You don’t want it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to figure out how you’ll fend off a fundraising coworker. If you don’t know in advance how you’ll decline to buy, there’s a good chance you’ll get caught off guard and end up making a purchase. Consider the following as you prepare to repulse a coworkers’ sales pitch. 1. White Lie A white lie is the easiest way of getting out of buying what a workplace fundraiser is selling (or getting out of pretty much anything else, really). Create a plausible, simple story. For instance, say you already bought stuff from a neighbor’s kid and, sorry, one purchase is your limit. Or … money is tight right now, just don’t have the disposable income these days (and that’s not necessarily a fib Continue Reading

Crush on Co-worker? Don’t Go There

Where do you clock more hours than time with your SO, family or friends? Where are you tossed into the pressure-cooker of unrealistic deadlines or a crazy boss? Who’s the best person to understand your job stress? I’ll bet the answers are: 1.      Work 2.      Work 3.      Your co-worker  Those scenarios and answers are the perfect recipe for forming friendships and other intimate connections. When you spend eight to ten hours a day with someone in a close working relationship, you tend to buddy up. Working under stressful conditions also leads people bonding. It’s a natural next step for people to sometimes form crushes on their co-workers. There’s nothing inherently wrong with having a crush – they can be harmless.  Danger, Will Robinson! (Many of you won’t get that reference, but I thought it was funny and it’s my post.) Although crushes on co-workers can be nonthreatening, it’s where they might lead that has the potential to enter the danger zone. “But I’m looking for a Continue Reading

Navigating Friendships in the Workplace

Making friends at work can be a great way to widen your social circle and make work more enjoyable at the same time. However, there can be pitfalls to navigate around having friends at work. Work Place Hierarchies vs Friendship Of course it is possible to be friends with a colleague or boss regardless of your positions within the company but sometimes there are issues to consider. If you are a friend’s boss, it might be worth having a discussion with your friend about boundaries and your different roles as a friend and boss. Treat your friend as you would any of your staff. If you are friends with your boss, don’t expect favors just because you are friends. It will blur the lines of your friendship and can cause unease with your other co-workers. Communication and being clear with your friend/colleague helps to navigate potential misunderstandings. Don’t Hold Yourself or Your Friend Back As wonderful as it can be having a good relationship with your colleagues, it is not a Continue Reading

11 Ways to Erode Your Personal Brand

Accept a new job offer? Drive the company car?  Exercise during your lunch hour?  Whether you are on the company's clock or not, you are representing yourself, 100% of the time. You've heard it before, but it's worth repeating: YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. And you need to be cognizant of your actions around the office - both big and small - to keep your integrity in check. Here are several ways that employees damage their personal brand at the office: Engage in Gossip. If you are going to talk about other people, it's safe to assume that they will expect you to talk about them too. The real problem with gossip is that much of the information is not based in fact, this can cloud other people's perceptions.  Words might not be a stick or a stone, but they are verbal termites that can quietly destroy your foundation. Make Enemies. Unless you just had your wisdom teeth pulled, it doesn't hurt to smile.  A pleasant greeting and reasonable eye contact can be enough to get someone on your Continue Reading

Nipping Workplace Gossip In The Bud

Gossip is seen by many as part of life and certainly as a part of most workplaces. Gossip can sometimes be harmless but more often than not, gossip has repercussions for the gossiper and the subject of the gossip. It is amazing how an off-the-cuff remark can have us thinking about someone in a completely different way. We’ve all found ourselves thinking differently about a person due to gossip – whether we know if the gossip was true or not! We also know how hurtful gossip can be when aimed at us. Do you find yourself wishing you could get away from others gossiping around you? Or do you find yourself being drawn into gossip at work and wishing you could stop? Some questions to ask about gossip: Is It Useful? Sometimes a little gossip does have a place in the workplace. Talking to peers about pay rises or some good news that someone has heard can be genuinely informative and positive. Think about what you are about to say or listen to and weigh it up to see if there is a Continue Reading

Sabotage – Your Co-Worker Is Out to Get You!

No one likes to believe someone at work is out to get them. Work is challenging enough without feeling you have to watch your back. What if you’re just being paranoid? Maybe you’ve been feeling a little off your game recently or having a self-confidence lull.  But, what if those feelings turn out to be right on target? You could be the victim of sabotage by a co-worker. What can you do about it?Identify the Signs of SabotageIf you suspect someone is out to get you, here are some signs:·        Get a friend’s opinion - Some people are really good at trusting their instincts – they read people well, are adept at discovering underlying motives and very perceptive. But if you’re not sure about trusting your gut, tell a trusted friend what’s been going on and get their reaction. If they agree it sounds “off,” then you have a good place to start.·        Continue Reading

4-Point Survival Guide for Adult Interns

You stormed the interview, got the internship, and feel like you are over the moon. Congrats!  But the feeling of jubilation quickly wears off; the start day comes around and you suddenly feel sick at the thought of being asked to be the photocopying boy/ girl which you thought you had left behind at 17. Here are four tips to help you survive as an adult intern who is amidst a career transition. 1.    Deal with feeling like an idiot You are going to feel an idiot and maybe even a frustrated idiot about being the oldest intern around. The first thing you need to recognize is that this is unavoidable.  Acknowledge this fact, reassure yourself that even though it’s not brilliant, you will cope, and then put it to the side. Get over it and get stuck in to the opportunity in front of you. The key is to stay in the present moment…with one eye looking towards the future and the reason WHY you took the internship. 2.    Don’t try too hard When you are in the office, you need to find Continue Reading

5 Ways To Be a More Thoughtful Colleague

We don’t always get to choose who we work with and as a result we might find ourselves sharing a workspace with colleagues whom we might not have much in common with or naturally get on with. However, although many people dream of having nicer colleagues, how do you fare up as a colleague yourself? If you would like a better relationship with your colleagues, it is important to look at your own behaviour first and see what you can bring to the table. Here are some ways that I have found to be a more thoughtful co-worker at work: 1. Encourage Encouraging your colleagues in their endeavors, rather than being in competition with them, is an inspiring way to be at work.  We don’t have to be cut throat or out for ourselves to do well at work; encouraging and supporting your colleagues really does pay dividends and enhances your day to day experience of work to boot. Treat your colleagues as you would like to be treated. 2. Listen True listening is a real skill and Continue Reading

Introverts Unite in the Workplace…Uh, Probably Not

If someone asked you to define “introvert,” would you include words like “shy or anti-social?” Merriam-Webster defines introversion as, “the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one’s own mental life.” I’m not sure I even agree with the dictionary! Maybe that’s because I’m an opinionated introvert.So, what’s an Introvert?Most people make incorrect assumptions about introverts. Introverts like to spend time alone with their thoughts and become overstimulated by external data overload. That what happens to me at a big-box store. I buy weed-killer and a paint roller, then have to go home and decompress. It’s easier to tell you what an introvert is NOT. The following is my take on “10 Myths About Introverts.” 1.      Introverts aren’t talkers – We just don’t like to make small talk and think there’s Continue Reading

How to Find Out What Your Coworkers’ Earn a Year

Knowing what the worker in the cubicle next to you earns on an annual basis is a blessing and a curse.   It can be great to help you put your own career plan and negotiating strategy into persepctive; but it can also leave you feeling powerless and bitter, not a recipe for work happiness. SalaryShare, a new website inspired by HackerNews, allows you to pool coworker salaries anonymously by setting up a secret link that is only available to people you choose.  You'll need at least four participants to get the list revealed. Well, it's not truly anonymous - your coworkers will know who set up the salary pool because you must circulate the link in order to get people to partake! But when the salaries are revealed, you will not know who is attached to each dollar amount.  Each person who participates receives a private link to view the results. For example if you are a freelance blogger, let us know how much you earn a year (only from blogging) by joing our salary pool. Continue Reading

How to Recover When a Positive Co-Worker Leaves The Office

An important part of being happy in the workplace is developing good relationships with your co-workers. Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying the company of the people you work with, especially if some of those people can create a fun and exciting work environment, one that is inspiring to your work and also to your attitude. However, we all know that the job market is fairly dynamic recently, which means that people come and go in jobs. How will you cope, then, when one of those fun and exciting people leaves your place of work, thus deflating the overall atmosphere at the office? Well, the biggest thing you should try to do is maintain a positive attitude about the situation; however, this is probably easier said than done, so here are a few ways to help you keep up your spirits after a fun co-worker has left your team. Adjust Your Work Routine One of the first things you can do after the positive co-worker has left is you can adjust your work routine to take on a Continue Reading

11 Gifts for Coworkers That Are Cheap and Neutral

In these politically-correct, economically-challenging times, buying the perfect holiday gifts for coworkers is more difficult than ever.  But before you go to the dark side and join the cubicle Grinch, check out our list of Jobacle-approved inexpensive gifts for coworkers that are both neutral and cheap - and guaranteed to be appreciated.  Brush up on The Rules of Office Gift Giving  and go buy these today! Most gifts are under $10.  Add your holiday gift ideas for coworkers in the comments section. And be sure to check out Gift for Coworkers, a blog dedicated to affordable office gifts. And don't miss our post on bulk Christmas gifts for coworkers. Umbrella Rhianna not included.  Everyone appreciates a good umbrella, especially if it's lightweight, folds up small, and can withstand the elements.  I've never met an umbrella I couldn't lose, and that's precisely why it makes the perfect inexpensive gifts for coworkers.  Size does matter.  Go micro or ninja! Hand Continue Reading

7 Stinky Office Foods You Should Avoid Bringing to Work

With today’s tough times, eating out is a luxury that you might only be able to afford once in a while. Unless you have access to an expense account (or are independently wealthy), the best option is to bring a packed lunch from home. However, there are do’s and don’ts of bringing food to the office.Rule number 1: don’t bring stinky foods. Remember that your workplace will usually rely on re-circulated air and any strong odors have the tendency to stick long after lunchtime.Rule number 2: if you can manage it, bring enough to share with co-workers. Trust me, they’ll appreciate the extra goodies.Here are a few things you might want to avoid for fear of being branded the office stinker.CurryThere’s something satisfying about a warm bowl of curry, and it’s even better with rice. A staple in Indian and Asian cuisine, curry has found its way to the hearts (and stomachs) of the rest of the world as a comfort food. The spiciness and tang can surely Continue Reading