Games for Office Olympics

We might be over 250 days away from the 2012 Olympic games in London, but now is time to bring the excitement, the anticipation and the intense feelings of success, failure and celebration to your office.

Therefore, hold on to your seat, as we bring you the office Olympics. What you will need is two or three teams representing the countries/ states/county’s of your choice, some willing volunteers within those teams, and a free lunch break.

As with most track events this can also be run as a relay.  Equipment needed is two office chairs on wheels,  an approved area of track (normally one end of the office to the coffee machine) and two top athletes (or whoever is feeling a bit bored in the office)

A) Bums can never leave the seat
B) Only legs are allowed to be used to propel the chair along- no arms allowed.
C) The first person to cross the line is the winner

Imagine shot put crossed with basketball.  Throughout the lunch time, or perhaps the whole day the idea is to throw as many “shot puts” (a shot put constitutes a rolled up ball of paper with an identifiable mark) into your competitors bin. The competitor will be trying to defend his bin, alongside attacking yours. This can be done in between doing tasks related to your actual job and yes you are allowed to be sneaky and use as many diversionary tactics as you wish.  

A) For a valid goal the thrower has to be at least one meter away.
B) The bin cannot be moved
C) The shot put ( i.e. scrunched up bit of paper) has to have the competitors symbol on it     to make it easily identifiable .
D) At the end of the lunchtime (or agreed period of time), whichever competitor has the most balls in the other competitors bin wins


We all know Rhythmic gymnastics, beautiful sculptured dance using a range of equipment including, balls, clubs or ribbon, but this is the office version.  What you need is 3 judges, 3or 4, depending on number of want- to- be  (or-will- be- bullied- into it) gymnasts, pieces of suitable office equipment, such as a stapler, pen holder, even a white board, and a massive bout of creativity.

A) Each competitor has 30 seconds to wow the judges with their office rhythmic routine.
B) Judges score out of 5 for overall skill  and entertainment
C) Judges decision is final.

Lastly the game that tests all the core skills needed to be an elite athlete- Think Gymnastics/diving.  The box event.

What is needed is a box without a lid (preferably a cereal box size) about 4 competitors, (but this can vary) and a whole heap of determination.   The idea is you lean over and pick up the box by the exposed edge, using just your teeth. Once you have done this, you are allowed to tear off a reasonable strip ( about two inches in thickness) of the box and it is then the next person’s go.  

A)  There are no hands or knees allowed to touch the floor at any time. If this happens it is immediate elimination.
B) The last competitor left in the game wins.

So pick your teams, pick a country and liven up your lunchtime. This is your chance to be an elite Olympic athlete.

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