How Can You Deal with a Coworker That Is Driving You Crazy?

Knowing how to deal with a coworker that is driving you crazy is essential for your success in a company as well as your mental well-being.  It will even benefit your overall health.  Sooner or later you will run into a coworker that drives you insane.  Ultimately, there is likely little you can do to keep this from happening.  Even carefully evaluating a company before joining its ranks ultimately cannot protect you.   After all, a new hire could walk through the door at any minute.  This means that you need to have a strategy in advance for how to deal with a coworker that stresses you out. 

Step One – Neutralize

Maybe you’re in luck.  Perhaps your dilemma isn’t quite as bad as it seems.  The first step is to pause and carefully evaluate your situation.  Ask yourself important questions such as, “Can I take easy steps to minimize contact with this annoying person?” or “Are there steps I can take to reduce what he or she is doing to drive me crazy?” 

If you ponder these questions long enough, you may find some answers.  You might even be lucky enough to find some easy solutions.  Next set out to get a little perspective.  Try relaying your story in detail to someone that you can trust and whose opinion and intellect you trust.  As he or she is coming from an outside perspective, this person may have additional advice on how to deal with a coworker that is driving you crazy.

Step Two – Circumvent

We mentioned earlier, that there may simple ways for you to circumvent your coworker and reduce the amount of contact that you have.  You may still be highly annoyed.  But if you get less exposure to this person, you may start to feel less tortured.  Of course, in some situations, there may not be a “work around” of any kind.  In this case, you will have to take other action.

Step Three – Strive to Understand Your Opponent

Knowing how to deal with a coworker that is problematic is largely about information.  By gathering more information on your irritating coworker, you may in time be able to discover how you can neutralize the annoying behavior.  For example, if there is tension or hostility, it may be possible for you to find common ground and common interest so as to diffuse the situation.  Yes, this can be easier said than done.  But converting a workplace enemy into a workplace friend is quite an accomplishment!

In the end, information is key if you are going to learn how to deal with a coworker who you find maddening.  When you know more about your coworker, you may discover a way to address his or her behavior. 

Remember, running to management to complain or solve your problem may only serve to make you look weak or needy.  Of course, you could hope your coworker gets fired or decides to looks for a new job, but neither option should be your first option.  Gather enough information and you may very well find an opening that will allow you to neutralize the situation.  If that doesn’t work, there’s one more surefire way to deal with a coworker.  Figure out a way to work from home!

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