How To Create A Good Atmosphere At Work

Having a good atmosphere at work makes a huge difference to the day to day experience at work. Here are a few tried and tested ways to create a good atmosphere at work:

Say Good Morning

Saying good morning to your colleagues is an easy and important way to start the day well for everyone. Most of us will have had the experience of being greeted by a grunt (or ignored) by a colleague or boss and know it is never a nice way to start the day. Do your part and say good morning to everyone you encounter at work.


Smiling is free and makes a difference! Be aware of your body language and the effect it has on those around you.

Be Thoughtful

You could bring some cookies in to share or some of your old magazines for colleagues to read in their break. Little habits like this trigger reciprocity and help contribute to a caring atmosphere at work.

Don’t Gossip

Gossiping is one thing guaranteed to create negativity in the workplace. Not gossiping and staying out of other peoples gossip helps you to keep your head clear and positive and feel good about where you work. It is amazing how one comment or suggestion can have you feeling differently about someone so make an effort not to get pulled into gossip.

Be Happy At Work

It is easy for anyone to moan or complain about all the work they have to do or the job they hate but being happy and enthusiastic takes something else. Many people do not think that they make a difference to the atmosphere around them, but this just isn’t true. Everyone has am influence on the people around them whether they realise it or not. Spread a positive influence. You can’t change other people but you can change how you react to and deal with things. Make it your job to create a good atmosphere at work: don’t leave it to someone else.  Even if this isn’t your dream job, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your time today.

Do Your Job Well

Taking pride in your job and doing it well contributes to a good work atmosphere. After all, you can be the happiest and most enthusiastic worker in the world, but if you are not doing your job properly you are going to have a negative impact on the rest of your team.

Bio: Jen Smith is a Life Coach, Mentor & Writer. She has tried many career paths herself and now helps people achieve their goals and dreams.  

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