How To Get Your Ideas Heard At Work

Do you feel that you have great ideas but are unsure about how to share them at work? Maybe you feel your ideas aren’t getting heard or others are taking the praise for them? Here are a few ideas to help you get your ideas heard:

Speak Up

For many people, a big reason they don’t get their ideas heard at work is because they don’t share them. It can be daunting to share our ideas and put ourselves out there. We wonder if they are good enough, if people will laugh etc but the reality is that no one can know about your ideas if you don’t tell them. If this is the scenario you find yourself in, bite the bullet and commit to sharing those great ideas with others.

Get Confident

If you are having trouble sharing your ideas or getting yourself heard, it could be time to get to the bottom of your lack of confidence and give yourself a confidence booster. Working with a good coach can be a great way to see why and where you might be creating obstacles for yourself. Usually, if we do this at work, we also follow the same patterns in our home life. Is it time for you to start sharing your great ideas and letting people know who you are and what you want?

Get Assertive

If you are sharing your ideas but are finding they are not being heard or that other people are taking the credit for them, it is time to get assertive. If someone else is taking credit for your idea, step in and let them know that you had come up with it. It can seem tricky but if done confidently and with a little humour it will often be received well and can stop it happening again in future.

Be Passionate

When we are passionate about what we believe in, it is easier to share our ideas and get our point across. What are you passionate about? Some ideas may be more important for you to share than others but when practising speaking up, working with the ideas you are most passionate about is a great start.


Practice makes perfect! A great way to practice talking and sharing your ideas is to join a local Toastmasters group. You can also practice with friends, create your own group or join a local dramatic society. These are all ways to practice sharing and speaking in front of others and can help you to build your own confidence.

Bio: Jen Smith is a Life Coach, Mentor & Writer. She has tried many career paths herself and now helps people achieve their goals and dreams.  

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