How to Stay Motivated When You Work From Home

Working from home can sometimes be tricky to stay motivated. So how do you stay focused and stop the procrastinating? Here are some handy tips.

When Dolly Parton was singing about her 9 til 5, that was the only routine available to most workers. But careers in business no longer revolve around water coolers and office politics. Because more and more companies are tapping into the benefits of working from home. But without the same old office routine, how do you stay focused and stop the procrastinating?

The Dreaded Distractions

We live in a world where work distractions seem constant. If it’s not phones ringing or texts arriving, there’s a constant flow of emails popping up or Facebook and Twitter status updates. One wrong click can lead you into an online black hole where hours of your life will go by and no work gets completed.

If this sounds familiar then it’s worth applying a few tools to help curb those dreaded distractions. First of all, turn off those off-putting pop-up emails. That way you won’t feel the urge to click on the latest news arriving into your in-box. There are also tools to help block website. So if you find yourself constantly shopping online instead of working for instance, you can be in charge of how much time you’re on your favourite stores sites.

And what about that mountain of ironing or housework that needs done? Chores can be just as tempting a distraction for those who working from home. Work out when you’re least productive time of day is and allot this time to these chores.

Goals and Targets

Do you know what it is you want to achieve? Outlining what your goals and objectives are both personally and professionally can be a great motivation. If you can identify what it is you want to get out of the day, week or month, then you can work towards that.

Try drawing up a list of your goals and how you plan on achieving them. Put it somewhere that you can see it and let it work as a check list for you, scoring each one off the list when they’re done. This will also help create that all important positive mind set and serve as a psychological pat on the back when you complete a task.

Your work space

If you work from home, it could be that you’re fortunate enough to have a designated office space. But even if you don’t have a room you can call an office, it’s important to set aside a work space. Set up a desk and chair and try to make this area as professional as possible. This means that things like working from your bed are an absolute no-no.

That’s because it can blur the lines between home and work. And even if you do work from home, it’s helpful to try and make that distinction. It will help keep your work life balance stable, and it will help with your productivity. Because if your mind is in a work place, your focus and productivity will naturally follow.

Positive Attitude

It’s amazing how having a can-do attitude can help. If you find yourself thinking about how much you’re not looking forward to the day, this can ruin any chances of getting work done. So start the day in the right frame of mind. Try eating a decent breakfast to help keep you energised. And get out of those pyjamas. You might not be in the office but you are at work. So get yourself in a professional place mentally, and physically and start with getting showered and dressed.

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