How to Work When Your Personal Life is Falling Apart

We often have to show up at the office even when there’s a serious issue unfolding at home. Death, divorce, fights, and a myriad of other unfortunate life situations might stop your life in its tracks, but the harsh reality is that work must go on. To maintain your work-life balance and keep your job, here are several tactics employees can use to make a tough time a bit easier:

1. If you trust your supervisor, tell them what’s going on.
Be aware of your company’s Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) policy before you do this, as unpaid leave may not be a viable option for you. Bosses may be more understanding than they’re given credit for, and proper work-life balance is an asset to both you and the organization.

But revealing a personal problem to your boss can have unintended consequences. Though against the law, your issue could hold you back from future advancement. On the flip side, telling your boss could build your trust quotient, raising your stock as an employee. The bottom line here is to know your boss well before spilling the beans.

2. Find out if working from home is a temporary option. Simply eliminating the commute and amount of interaction you have with work colleagues can help provide stress relief, allowing you to better cope with a difficult situation. This flexibility can help you keep the tears at home while keeping busy.

3. Set aside a pre-determined time to think about your personal problem. Sounds sick, right? But scheduling a time to be sad, mad, or frustrated can help you better handle the other parts of your day.

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