Importance of Keeping Your Employees Happy

The most important parts of a company are the people that help run it: the employees.  Keeping them happy, though, can prove difficult if you are only concerned with the bottom line.  Keeping morale high is the work of a good manager and can be attained if you address the other aspects of your employees’ lives other than the tasks you have hired them to do.  Appealing to their competitive side through company goals, streamlining benefits and human resources through a workforce management system, and taking time out to celebrate can be ways to remind your employees that you care about them.

Invite Friendly Competition

The day-to-day in an office can be a bit humdrum.  Everybody has a job to do, but let’s face it: it can get monotonous.  Sometimes setting short-term goals with a little friendly competition can be enough of an incentive in order to light a fire under your employees.  Set team goals for the week or the month; then, offer a prize for the person who reaches that goal fastest.  Your employees’ competitive sides can be vital to keeping them motivated.  If they have a goal in mind, it can be easier for them to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.  Keeping these goals short-term compartmentalizes the task at hand and will make it seem easier to swallow.  Putting them in direct competition with each other will be a harmless way to exercise their drive for victory.

Make Their Lives Easier

Chances are, if you are a big enough company, you offer more than just a paycheck to your employees.  Whether it is stock options, healthcare plans, or retirement funds, it can be a lot to take in and remember.  Streamlining all of these things can become a huge benefit for both you and your employees.  Employing a workforce management system can greatly improve your employees experience with all of these things and if these things are easy to figure out, it will make your employees feel like they are being taken care of.


When it calls for it, there is no rule against celebrating.  Whether it is a holiday, a particularly great quarter, or maybe just an employee’s birthday, it is important to remember that a little bit of fun never hurts.  Office get-togethers help morale, obviously, but it also helps express to your employees that you care about them as people as well as someone that works for you.  Appreciating them by taking time away from the grind and relax together in a fun setting can be an enormous boost for your workforce.  If possible, try and set it up somewhere out of the office.  A change in venue can make it feel more like a party rather than a “work party”.


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