Relocating for Work

If you’re reading this article it’s probably because you’ve either been offered a job with the prospect of relocation, or you’re considering an offer. Relocation is often a complicated and long process – there are many rewards to be had, and many new and exciting opportunities that can arise as a result.

The first reaction to relocation for most people is often fear or apprehension. First, you need to understand that this is completely normal – it’s a huge step to move away from an established routine, friends and family – so don’t feel ashamed or concerned if you’re feeling this way. It doesn’t mean the move is a bad idea. The key thing here is to chat about how you’re feeling – if you have a significant other, talk things out with them and concentrate on what you’re excited for rather than the things you’re going to miss. If you have children, encourage them to talk about it too, if they’re resistant to the move then look up some great activities in the new location that will spark excitement in them too.

Aside from emotional concerns, you’ll also have financial concerns when moving. To avoid an overload of stress before the move in date, start the process of moving well in advance. Ensure your property in the new location is secured and if possible try and secure telephone, internet and television suppliers before arriving – this will take a lot off your mind in the week following the move and will let you settle in much easier. To avoid stress on the day of the move then assure all things you need are in place and ready to be packed – it might mean sleeping on the floor the night before but it’ll be worth it for a seamless move in the morning.

When you arrive in your new home and your new office, the important thing is to build a circle of friends as quickly as possible – the sooner you do this the sooner you’ll start feeling settled and the less you’ll find yourself missing your previous home. Ensure you’ve introduced yourself to everyone in the office, try and find something in common with each person, and work out whether there are any potential friendships there. Really throw yourself into the social scene too – don’t decline invitations because you’re nervous of making a bad impression as it’ll only make you feel more detached. If you have children, do the same for them. Find fun clubs for them to join, make play-dates, take them out for fun days and events at local community centres. This is also a great opportunity to expand your social circle – every child has a parent after all!

The main thing to remember when re-locating for work purposes is that you can adjust and you can build up a new, fantastic life in your new home. It takes time to get settled, so don’t feel disheartened if your routine and your new life doesn’t fall into place straight away. Keep reminding yourself of the reasons you moved if ever you’re in doubt.

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