Fresh Gift Ideas for Coworkers This Holiday 2016


  Need gift ideas for coworkers? The holiday season is fast approaching, which means office holiday parties are right around the corner. Gift exchanges are lots of fun, but deciding what presents to give the people at your workspace (that you may not know incredibly well) can be challenging. You want to find something thoughtful and creative, while avoiding cliches or unprofessionalism. We’ve put together a list of thoughtful, simple and easy to find gifts that will delight a coworker, no matter who they are. Visit our sister website for more great coworker gift ideas. Continue Reading

Coworker Christmas Gifts: Buy Them Now, Less Stress Later


  Here we go again. The Christmas season lurks around the corner and just the thought of fighting off the hordes of shoppers raises our blood pressure. It's stressful enough to find the right gifts for family members and close friends, so why add to the stress by making buying gifts for the annual company grab bag an exercise in acute frustration. Buy coworker Christmas now and enjoy less stress later. And consider these bulk Christmas gifts! Why Now Is the Time to Buy Coworker Christmas Gifts Anyone that shops on Black Friday must love pain. Between the pushing and shoving lie a few good deals, but is it worth the stress to take advantage of saving a few dollars? At least Black Friday gives you plenty of time to buy coworker Christmas gifts before the office holiday office party. Many shoppers wait until the last minute to pick up gifts for the office holiday grab bag. Why endure undue stress from a simple task such as buying coworker Christmas gifts. It doesn't take Continue Reading

Cool Coworker Christmas Gifts

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Christmas time is approaching and this year you want to get original coworker Christmas gifts. No more pens and staplers and motivational posters! If you are looking for a gift for coworkers that will really impress them, have a look at the list we composed. All the newest gadgets along with the most popular gift choices are here, for you to choose from. Let's make sure that the Christmas gifts in 2016 will be something special. Portable Humidifier Yes, that's right! If your coworker has been complaining about the dry atmosphere of the office, due to the air-conditioning, or if they suffer from allergies, get them the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier. Small enough to fit the palm of your hand, this humidifier fits on top of any regular water bottle. You can also fill it with cold water and use it as a mister or add essential oils to use it for aromatherapy purposes. At night it emits a dim blue light that creates a calming environment. Sophisticated Bottle Pourer That is a Continue Reading