Fresh Gift Ideas for Coworkers This Holiday 2016


  Need gift ideas for coworkers? The holiday season is fast approaching, which means office holiday parties are right around the corner. Gift exchanges are lots of fun, but deciding what presents to give the people at your workspace (that you may not know incredibly well) can be challenging. You want to find something thoughtful and creative, while avoiding cliches or unprofessionalism. We’ve put together a list of thoughtful, simple and easy to find gifts that will delight a coworker, no matter who they are. Visit our sister website for more great coworker gift ideas. Continue Reading

Desk Fans Make the Perfect Gift for Coworkers


Desk fans can help save your career! ;-) The office is ground zero for interpersonal conflict. But the most heated arguments and the coldest shoulders are reserved for fighting over the thermostat. Sally in Accounting is always too hot or too cold. Gerald from IT is constantly fiddling with the control, trying to achieve the perfect temp for everyone in the office, even though that is impossible. Oh, Gerald, will you ever stop trying to please everyone? Probably best to let everyone control the temp it their own personal cubicles. But until technology evolves to the point where everyone lives in their own motorized bubble with climate control, why not spring for a desk fan for your colleagues? Desk fans are the only gift that will give the chronic complainers some real control over their temperature situation. If you work in one of those newfangled startups with rows and rows of Macbooks (or you just share space with the other creative types at Starbucks) don’t worry. This list has Continue Reading

Coworker Gift Ideas: Cool Tape Dispensers

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No matter what type of desk job you have, funny office supplies can help lighten the mood, and are a great coworker gift idea.  What all jobs have in common, is the use of tape. Things will tear, things need to be kept together, things need to be masked. And that is why cool tape dispensers are a great gift for coworkers! Following is a list of fun tape dispenser that are suitable for different work environments and coworkers with different tastes and personalities. You will surely find something that suits your needs. Here is our list of funny office supplies, specifically, today we will look at cool tape dispensers. Continue Reading