How to Make Time Go Faster at Work in 5 Easy Steps

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Wondering how to make time go faster at work, eh? Well, it's an artform, and we all have our own unique ways to do it. That's because there are simply days where we find ourselves counting the seconds until we can leave. Everything feels slowed down, and we can't take it anymore! It just seems that no matter how much we have to do, or if we have nothing to do at all, that the hands on the clock tick by just a little bit slower. This is a handy guide for those kinds of days!  Continue Reading

10 Tips on How to Make Work Go By Faster

Wondering how to make work go by faster? Join the club! Here are some tactics we employ. Let’s face it: Some days are better than others.  This is true, whether you’re at home or on the job.  Everyone has days that seem to last forever when they’re at work.  Sometimes you have other things on your mind, or you just can’t seem to get started on the latest project.  What follows is a list of some things you can do each day to pace yourself and help the day go by faster. 1.  Leave your problems at the door.  It’s not always easy to do this, but focusing on work when you’re at work, and home when you’re at home will help you significantly.  It makes no sense to dwell on things you can’t take care of in the now. 2. Set small, achievable goals.  If you are trudging through a project and not making any headway, set some milestones for yourself to make sure you are getting things done at an acceptable pace.  You’ll feel more accomplished as you reach each goal. 3. Reward yourself.  Continue Reading