Fresh Gift Ideas for Coworkers This Holiday 2016


  Need gift ideas for coworkers? The holiday season is fast approaching, which means office holiday parties are right around the corner. Gift exchanges are lots of fun, but deciding what presents to give the people at your workspace (that you may not know incredibly well) can be challenging. You want to find something thoughtful and creative, while avoiding cliches or unprofessionalism. We’ve put together a list of thoughtful, simple and easy to find gifts that will delight a coworker, no matter who they are. Visit our sister website for more great coworker gift ideas. Continue Reading

When is the right time to ask for a raise?


Sometimes even before accepting a job, you’re already planning for when to ask for a raise. The need for just compensation becomes harder to deny if you’ve been working hard for quite some time, and nobody has offered a reward. But asking for (and actually receiving) a raise requires finesse. You can’t just blurt it out in the middle of a staff meeting at the end of your first week. It’s normal to be hesitant and feel awkward when trying to find the words to ask for a raise with your boss. Money is an awkward subject, and asking for more raises the stakes. If you’re wondering about the right time to ask for a raise, we’ll be walking through a couple situations where it might be appropriate. Continue Reading


introvert at work

Introverts typically harness their energy and maximize their productivity in quiet work environments. So, how does an introvert make it in the bustling business world? Surely, introverts cannot thrive in an environment of constant interaction. After all, introverts are better suited for working at home, with nothing but the family dog to act as an agent of social interaction. However, introverts comprise a vital part of successful small businesses, as it takes all kinds to create dynamic work environments. Although constant stimulation and social interaction wears on introverts at work can take several steps to survive in the workplace. Find Your Rabbit Hole Introverts need work spaces where they can disappear like rabbits that burrow into a hole in the ground. Work environments that produce excessive noise distract the most focused introverts at work. Anyone who needs quiet work environments should search for conference rooms or other work spaces that no other employee Continue Reading

Healthy $5 Lunch Ideas for Work

med wrap

To stay in or not to stay in, that is the question. The slight variation of one of Shakespeare's most quoted lines does not apply to whether you should stay home on a Saturday night, but instead to the daily dilemma called lunch. Going out every day for lunch can take a huge chunk out of your monthly budget. The pricey food options also do not provide you with the nutritional content you need to motor through your hectic workday. In fact, most lunch options are nothing more that high caloric, heart-clogging meals that produce work comas shortly after you arrive back at the office. What you need are some healthy $5 lunch ideas for work. Continue Reading

Mind All Over the Map? Here Is How I Focus


Focus is an elusive attainment. When you notice that you are concentrating, that very thought will take you away from task you are supposed to be concentrating on. “Wow, I haven’t wanted to check my RSS feed in a long time. Almost 15 minutes!” you think as your mind wanders away from the Excel sheet on your monitor. Bringing your attention back to your work is essential, whether you want to get ahead or just get everything done so work thoughts don’t creep into your head after-hours. But there are ways to control your mind, at least to some extent. Breathe deep and dive in with me: No, really. Breathe deep! Think that yoga is just for suburban housewives? Think again. Learning to control your breath can bring you a certain amount of control over all your systems. It can clear your mind and allow you to focus on the task at hand. Don’t trust me? Then listen to the yogis: proper breathing is key. Continue Reading

5 Tips To Manage Personal Internet Use in the Workplace


The Internet is essential to the operation of most businesses today, and allowing your employees to access the World Wide Web is a necessity. However, this opens up the possibility that workers will use the Internet for personal reasons during working hours, resulting in lost productivity. By following these 5 tips for managing personal Internet use in the workplace, you can avoid lost productivity without feeling the need to stand over your employees’ shoulders. Develop a Policy Develop a clear policy for personal Internet use, and make sure everyone is aware of it. Continue Reading