The Best Jobs for the Future

With the recent worldwide recession and employment problems, more and more of us are looking at ways to future proof our income and are looking for jobs that will continue to be in demand. Though there are no ways to accurately predicting how the future will unfold for certain, there are strong indicators of which areas of work will still be in demand in the future.


Nursing is going to be a growing area in the coming years as our aging populations increase and advances in healthcare allow us to live longer lives. Many have taken accelerated programs allowing easy entry into the field.This area will not be restricted only to the nursing profession but many jobs in healthcare. This will increasingly include areas such as home-care, with governments around the world struggling to manage the care needs of their populations by providing care at home rather than in expensive to run hospitals. Also, with advances in healthcare many people will choose to be treated in their own homes rather than spending time and traveling to hospital. Other professions in healthcare that will see an ongoing increase in demand will be physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and the jobs emerging as a result of the increased need such as well-being consultants, providing holistic care for the needs of older people.


The days of a job for life and the structured format from education into career are no longer ideals that can be expected or relied upon. Flexibility and being able to adapt and change to the different demands that our modern fast paced life expects mean jobs and careers are becoming more competitive and evolving. Working out how this all fits in with our lives will lead to an increase in the need for coaches to guide and help us find our individual paths. Life and career coaches are becoming more of a valuable asset that we are using more readily to help make the right decisions in our working lives and beyond.

Software developer and systems operators

With the rapid development in computers being used in more and more of our everyday pieces of equipment, software designers will be needed for everything from coffee makers to automobiles. Apps for phones are just one area to demonstrate the rapid increase in recent years of software design. All the systems now being used in our lives need to be managed and maintained. With places such as hospitals and government facilities increasingly relying on computers to run services, the personal required to run, maintain and service these will only increase.

Plumbers, electricians and carpenters

With growing populations around the world, the need to home all these extra people will require many more homes and facilities to be built and maintained. The nature of the professions may adapt and change to fit the requirements of architectural changes and the financial ups and downs of our nations finances, but the jobs themselves will be more in demand as our populations grow in size.

Bio: Jen Smith is a Life Coach & Writer. She has tried many career paths herself and now helps people achieve their goals and dreams.

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