The Top 10 Job Perks to Incentivize Employees

Imagine showing up to the office at 10 a.m. Your boss hands you the company credit card in case you need anything, then tells you there is a barbecue and concert on the lawn this afternoon.

By this point, you’re probably scoffing and thinking that would never happen. But real companies actually offer these mind-boggling work incentives. Today’s most innovative brands are jettisoning the traditional office; instead, they’re creating workplace wonderlands to attract and retain top talent (that’s you).

In a candidate-driven job market, you can and should look for jobs with perks that will make you a happier, more productive employee—and even improve your personal life.

For instance, you can look for remote work opportunities if you’re one of the 36% who would rather work from home than receive a raise. Working moms and dads now have access to parental leave packages and even reimbursement options for childcare, which costs more than college in some states.

The key to finding the right job is to look at which benefits match your lifestyle and personal interests. If you love working out, you may want to look for a job that offers paid gym memberships. If you like to travel, then corporate outings or vacation bonuses can help you see the world.

Of course, with so many companies upping their incentives game, there may be perks out there that you haven’t even dreamt of yet. Check out the Top Job Perks to Incentivize Employees in the graphic below to see which incentives are the most popular and why.


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