Work Lunches Stolen? Get The Fridge Locker

Every worker has experienced getting their lunches stolen from the office fridge.  It usually happens on a rainy day when you have no cash in your wallet.  The suspects are often obvious, but unless you find someone reeking of your sandwich or chowing down in the stairwell, bringing these thieves to justice is a long shot.  But where ever there’s a problem, there’s someone looking to score a million bucks with a solution.

The As Seen on TV people have stuck (comedy) gold again, this time, with The Fridge Locker.  A 3-digit combination code keeps your food safe, locked behind heavy-duty plastic bars.   Your coworkers can see your lunch…smell your lunch…maybe even touch your lunch – but they can’t eat it. Unless, of course, they have a hacksaw in their desk drawer.  And if they are already stealing lunches – it’s possible. Crime is a slippery slope.

With catchy slogans such as “The Personal Food Security System,” “No More Surprise Attacks on Your Snacks,” and my favorite, “Stop Refrig-a-raiders,” this thing is a winner.

But my absolute favorite part of the product pitch is how even an 800 lb. grizzly bear can’t get into the locker to steal your grub.  I work with some animals, but the visual of pitchman Anthony Sullivan standing next to a beastly bear is so absurd, that it brought tears to my eyes.

The Fridge Locker will set you back $19.99 plus shipping and handling.  But act now and you’ll get a second one free! Woo hoo!

I’m on the prowl for one of these cause I know it will cause a wave of office drama.  My goal is to snag one of these on the cheap, lock up a ridiculous lunch item and watch the chaos unfold.  The monotony of office work can make you laugh or cry,  thanks to The Fridge Locker, I’m doing both.

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