5 Easy Ways to Make the Perfect Work Break Room a Reality

A well-provisioned break room can serve not only as a welcome retreat and a center for activity and discussion among employees, but also as an impromptu conference room for guests and visitors to the company. Below are some easy ways to make the perfect break room a reality.

#1: Keep things tidy.
Keeping a well-organized and attractive break room is beneficial to the company’s overall image as well as the morale of staff. Choosing the right office coffee solutions to stock the corporate break room can make a significant difference in the impression made on employees and guests.

#2: Provide well-stocked shelves.
While coffee, tea, and other hot beverages are mainstays of the corporate break room, other types of office refreshments should also be provided for staff and visitors to the company. Items like snacks, powdered drink mix packets, canisters, napkins, cups and plates are also important elements of a well-stocked staff break room. These supplies will ensure that everyone in the office can enjoy break time with their favorite refreshments.

#3: Charge minimally.
If you’re a small company, and you’re concerned with the costs associated with keeping a well-stocked break room, consider offering these snacks and drinks for a minimal charge or on a voluntary donation system. Larger companies typically provide these amenities for free as an added benefit to their employees. Either way, making these items available to staff members can create a more pleasant work atmosphere and increase job satisfaction for employees.

#4: Lessen mess and stress.
Depending on the size of the employee lounge or break room, it can also serve as the location for informal group get-togethers to discuss various issues of importance to the staff or the company as a whole. A well-equipped break room is the perfect spot for brainstorming new ideas without the formal atmosphere of a conference room or meeting hall. Training sessions can also be held in the break room, allowing employees to enjoy office refreshments while keeping the potential mess confined to a smaller area for easier cleanup.

#5: Order online to save time, money and the environment.
Online stores offer a wide range of office coffee solutions and break room supplies, including a variety of snacks, powdered drink mix choices, and paper products at reasonable prices. By buying in bulk online, companies can save significantly over the cost of purchasing individual items locally. Additionally, these break room supplies are shipped directly to the company, eliminating the cost of transport and minimizing the time spent shopping for these necessary items. It can actually save the company money by reducing waste, making a lighter footprint, and improve the cost-to-benefit ratio for break room supplies.

Ordering online from websites, like javia.com, is simple and convenient, making it easier than ever before to provide a well-stocked break room as an added benefit for staff.

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