6 Ways To Stay Fit in the Office

Office work and fitness may not seem to be natural bedfellows but with a little discipline and creativity, it is possible to work in an office and stay fit throughout the day.

1. Stretch

Taking the time to stretch is vital to staying fit in the office, particularly if your work involves being on your computer for long stretches of time. Experiment and see how you could incorporate some simple stretches into your work day. I sometimes take the opportunity to do a few stretches when I am making a cup of tea!

2. Move Around

Make sure you are taking time out to just stand up and get away from the desk. When running errands, it is worth taking the stairs instead of the lift. There are usually many opportunities within the workday to move and walk if we take the time to find and do them. Incorporating some walking up stairs is a great way to get your heart pumping as a natural part of your day. Walking to the shops at lunchtime instead of jumping in the car can make a big difference to your fitness levels. The book “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano outlines many ideas of ways to exercise as a natural part of your day.

3. Get Creative

You could experiment with a stand up desk. A stand up desk can help to alleviate back pain and encourage you to move around more as a natural part of your work day. The great thing about a stand up desk is that you can alternate between standing and sitting if you get yourself an adjustable chair. I have even heard of someone setting up their laptop on their running machine so they could walk and work at the same time! Get creative and see what changes you could make to your work environment to enhance your fitness.

4. Take Proper Breaks

It is important for your physical and mental health to take proper breaks and get away from your desk and office. Wolfing down a sandwich or eating lunch in front of your computer does not aid relaxation or mindful eating (which can help with weight loss). Take the time to enjoy your lunch, eat mindfully and take a proper break from work. It will be benefit you on many levels and help you to be more productive to boot!

5. Have Healthy Snacks to Hand

If you are not prepared, it is easy to snack on fast food or whatever snacks are to hand. We are much more likely to eat unhealthy food if we are unprepared, especially if things at work are stressful. Take the time to prepare healthy food in advance. Plan some healthy lunches to bring to work with you. Nuts are a good healthy source of energy.

6. Get Out

Make sure you get out of the office at least once a day. Making sure you get some fresh air every day is a great way to ward off those bugs and get your Vitamin C!

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