Characteristics of a Successful Manager

What are the characteristics of a successful manager? It does not matter what type of business is being managed, there are certain attributes that are essential to the success of the business. A manager that is competent and can oversee operations and employees will govern the quality of the business. Becoming a leader requires certain skills that are not inherent; they must be learned.

One of the most important characteristics of a successful manager is the enthusiasm they have for their job. A company or corporation’s success is going to hinge on this enthusiasm. How many times have you been to a business and gotten the impression the employees would rather be anywhere else than at work? When a manager expresses enthusiasm, this motivates the employees to show enthusiasm as well.

One of the basic characteristics of a successful manager is the ability to listen. This is one of the ways a manager earns the respect of employees. In addition, when a manager listens to the needs, concerns and ideas of the employees, they feel as if their contribution to the company matters. This is crucial to the success or failure of a business. A high turnover rate among employees costs the business time and money.

Loyalty from employees and customers is another important aspect of any business. The successful manager will be able to demonstrate to customers and employees that they are trustworthy. The development of this trust is what reduces employee turnover and results in repeat customers. Present customers will also recommend others based on your trustworthiness.

Being a team player is another trait that is respected by employees. Rather than merely assigning duties, being willing to jump in and do what it takes to get a job done is highly respected by employees. There are managers who bark orders all day long and managers who show employees that they are committed to completing projects.

A successful manager tries to make the right decisions all of the time, but this is not always possible. After all, managers are human and errors are made by everyone. The ability to say a mistake was made and an effort to rectify this mistake is a key characteristic. Keeping an open mind when it comes to changes that need to be made is beneficial to the manager, the employees and the company. Although it is a hard thing to admit sometimes, everyone cannot be right 100% of the time.

A manager knows the importance of organization. Setting goals and ensuring a plan is in place to achieve these goals is going to be one of the signs of a successful manager. Randomly assigning duties or tasks and assuming they are being followed is a prescription for disaster. Unfortunately for some managers, this is how they see their job. The belief that because they are a manager, everyone will follow their instructions can backfire.

Successful management is achieved through hard work. A manager that starts on the bottom rung of the ladder and works their way up is often more successful than one who acquires this position through connections or as a result of a college education in this field. Management is a hands-on learning process that can be quite rewarding.

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