Do You Hate Staplers As Much As I Do?

When I’m searching for a gift for coworkers or just want to put something on my desk that will get the office talking, Uncommon Goods is often my first stop.

The Brooklyn-based retailer specializes in unique gifts and creative finds.  With super customer service, speedy shipping, and a commitment to sustainability, this is a local company that Jobacle can proudly support and recommend.

They were also able to help me with a serious problem: Stapler malfunctions.

I hate staplers.  Maybe it’s my heavy hand.  Maybe it’s bad luck. Whatever the case, I can never seem to get the staple in the way I want it. That of course is assuming the darned thing isn’t jammed or empty.

The solution? Staple-less staplers.

Not only do they look cool on my desk, but they ensure that I will never run out of stapling power.  The ingenious manual gadget keeps papers together by punching a small hole and folding a small flap for secure binding. Simple…yet brilliant!

The “stapler” works well with four pages or less, so if you’re printing out that bloated report for the boss man, stick with a binder clip.

These staple-less staplers are simple to use, jam-resistant, and better for the environment.

Snag a set of two for $16. Keep one for yourself or make a coworker smile, the choice is yours.  Click here for a list of other cool gift ideas.

I also treated myself to some Desktop Dogs.  Full disclosure: the surface of my desk is littered with small animal figurines.  I honestly don’t know how the “collection” started, but I’m the guy with a glass elephant, wood-carved frog, and painted duck on his desk.  I digress. 

In any event, the latest edition from Uncommon Goods are red and black plastic dogs. But these are no ordinary pups!  While I can’t get them to roll over or fetch, I can get them to hold my sticky notes, pens and paperclips.  They add a little flair to my ever-expanding desktop zoo.

It’s amazing what a small toy or conversation-starter can do to lift your spirits at work.  I recommend treating yourself to something that makes you smile.  A job is difficult enough.  Do your part to make work better.

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