Expensive College Degrees; Low Starting Salary

Earning a four-year degree from an accredited college is no guarantee that you’ll be able to land a high paying job after you graduate. In fact, some degrees have very little practical value once you go out into the real world.  Living from paycheck to paycheck and maxing out credit cards can be a harsh reality.  While some of these degrees never did pay well, while others are making it harder to find a high paying job because of social and technological changes.While some of these degrees never did pay well, while others are making it harder to find a high paying job because of social and technological changes. Unless you intend to stay in school, earn a higher degree and learn how to become a teacher, you should expect to find yourself in a lower tax bracket if you complete your degree in one of the following disciplines.


English Lit

This major is ideal for someone who plans to continue his or her education and eventually work as a college professor. Otherwise, there is little you can do with it other than showing you have a college education on a job application. The skills that you learn through the English Lit program will help you find underlying themes in storylines and probably make some television programs more entertaining for you, but you will most likely earn a real living in a job that has nothing to do with literature. Even if you can find a literature job, you’ll only earn $37,500 to start.


Much like English Lit, Philosophy is a degree best used as a foundation for a longer career in higher education. Potential employers are more interested in the practical knowledge and skills that you can bring to a job than they are in the way you can deeply explore the deeper implications of shipping costs. Philosophy jobs are difficult to find, and people who stayed in college to earn their Doctorate usually fill them. You will probably pay more for your tuition to get your degree than you will earn based on the expertise you gained from the program.


Believe it or not, one of the worst paying college degrees today is journalism. In this world of digital phones with built in video cameras, the news world is moving to the Web. Traditional news companies don’t want to pay someone top dollar anymore for completing a journalism program because they have 20 seasoned professionals in line ahead of you trying to get a job. The market is shrinking rapidly and the starting salary is only $35,800.

Child and Family Studies

Although the work that most social service employees perform is noble, the pay is almost unlivable. You might have a chance to change someone’s life in a substantial way, but you will still be earning less than most of the other people who graduated with you. It is important to have a driving passion for social work if you plan to earn a degree in child and family studies. Most people who work in social services carry heavy caseloads and work long hours for very little return other than the gratitude of the people whose lives they are improving every single day. Jobs abound, but the starting pay is only $29,500.

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