How to Make Time Go Faster at Work in 5 Easy Steps

how to make time go faster at workWondering how to make time go faster at work, eh? Well, it’s an artform, and we all have our own unique ways to do it. That’s because there are simply days where we find ourselves counting the seconds until we can leave. Everything feels slowed down, and we can’t take it anymore! It just seems that no matter how much we have to do, or if we have nothing to do at all, that the hands on the clock tick by just a little bit slower. This is a handy guide for those kinds of days! 

Make Progress & Make Work Go By Faster

For this article, we’re going to focus on the things you can do at work that will help benefit your career. This isn’t about simply killing time (though sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that), it’s about making the day go by faster while still getting work done. After all, killing time is an art – like we said – and you want to be considered a real Picasso.

Do you feel a slow day coming on? How to make time go faster at work starts here…

Start Your Day Skimming

That’s right, the moment you plant your butt in your seat you should immediately be enjoying some “me time”. This doesn’t mean you immediately start an intense game of Tetris, but it means simply scanning news articles and keeping up-to-date on current events. Subscribe to newsletters, keep updated and google news stories to your heart’s content. This is going to make those painful first few hours at work speed right past. At the same time, you’ll be learning something! Bonus points if you’re able to take something you’ve found while skimming the news and share it in your next big meeting as an anecdote with your boss. See, you’re already looking like a better worker!

learn something newHow to Make Time Go Faster at Work Speaks to Learning…

Start developing a hobby while you’re at work. No, we’re not suggesting that you become a “cat’s cradle” or a scrapbooking expert – you should be doing something productive. Whether that means learning a new language, a new skill or fortifying some of the knowledge you already have. Let’s show you how to invest some time into your new skill or hobby – it’ll make the day fly right on by.

Work On “After Hours” Goals

Sometimes, the best way to make work go by faster is to focus on what you’re going to be doing after work is complete. This means compiling actionable and practical to-do lists that you can complete once you’ve been dismissed from your cubicle. Whether you’re looking to get a start on your Christmas shopping, or you’re looking to stock your fridge, work on some of the things you could be doing an outside work. You’ll feel more accomplished, and you’ll be ready to do something once you’re out of the office.

take work breaksTreat Yourself

Make work go by faster by treating yourself to a little bit of rest and relaxation. Every now and again, we need a break from our desks. Stretch your legs, take a lap around the office or get yourself a fresh cup of coffee. You’ve earned it, and it will be a good opportunity to break up even the most boring of days. More specifically, though, treating yourself means being a bit on the social side. Go and talk to your coworkers, your supervisors, or anyone in between. Work on making connections, developing relationships and being a good coworker. If your employers are watching, and typically they are, they’ll be impressed at how you’re able to do it while still being “hard at work” – you’re welcome! 

Schedule A Meeting

Sometimes it feels like meetings were specifically invented to help make the work day go by faster. If you’re feeling like your day needs to move a little faster, plan a meeting with your coworkers to discuss a recent project. Work on manageable goals, discuss progress and watch the time fly by. Chances are, you’ll be the hero amongst your coworkers for helping their days melt away, too.

There are so many ways to make work go by faster, these are just some of our suggestions. Sometimes, it just comes down to how badly you want the day to end. If you feel like things are moving simply a step slower, use these suggestions to rev up your day’s engine. 

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