How To View Your Job Differently

If you feel in need of seeing your job differently, the first question  to ask yourself is whether you should you be looking for a new job? Maybe the reason you are having problems is because this job isn’t the right job for you? Lack of fulfillment, poor work/life balance, long or unsociable hours, lack of control or autonomy, bad workplace politics and no promotional prospects are common reasons that people leave their jobs for. However, maybe you can’t or don’t want to change jobs, for whatever reason. You’ve weighed everything up and decided to stay but you know you need to change how you view your job. So what can you do to refresh your job for the new year?

Talk to Your Boss
See what options are available to you. Ask about other prospects and the possibility of promotions. Could you love to a different department and learn new skills or a new role within the company?

Make Your Workplace More Positive
What can you do to make your workplace more positive? Even if you have been in your job a long time, you can make a positive difference to the environment you work in.  Avoid gossip, work at having healthier working relationships, offer help to colleagues, offer to make the tea. This will create a circle of positivity with your colleagues and help you to get on better together and be more willing to make each others days at work more pleasant.

Avoid Stress
Rather than just saying you won’t get so stressed this year, do something practical such as learning some meditative techniques or start practicing yoga. With time, these can help you become a more relaxed person, better able to handle the stress. Regular breaks will give you time to switch off.

Switch Off
Detach when you leave each day. Don’t take your work home with you. Look at what you have achieved and focus in the positive accomplishments.

Develop Yourself
Seek out Training prospects from work, or find your own, outside of work,  maybe online. Feeling more skilled in your job may help you better enjoy it rather than feeling that you struggle to achieve. Training and learning is a great way to relieve boredom and refresh your work, create new challenges, help you to look at your job from new perspectives. Impress your employer.

Start Your Day Positively
Avoid the bad starts to the day. Get up early, have a healthy breakfast, get to work on time and try to walk or exercise beforehand if possible. Avoid watching the news or reading emails before you have given yourself enough time to wake up and prepare yourself in a positive manner for the day.

Dress Well
Maybe you could get a new wardrobe? This doesn’t have to cost the earth and will help you present a smarter, more professional version of yourself. How you dress has a direct link to how you feel and perform.

Bio: Jen Smith is a Life Coach, Mentor & Writer. She has tried many career paths herself and now helps people achieve their goals and dreams.

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