We ALL Work for the Money. Period.

Why does no one want to admit that the only reason they work is so they can buy stuff?  Even if you enjoy what you do for a living, you are doing it because you have to.  Whether it’s the roof over your head, the hot meal in your tummy, or health benefits for your family – we work because we have to- we need the money.

And your boss, you know, the one who lectures you on a regular basis and takes himself too seriously?   He too, is only there for one reason – a paycheck.

But we all dance the dance, pretending that other factors are keeping us at work.  We are living in a society that fools us into thinking we must “like” what we do or that it should “satisfy” us.  Those are bonuses, not requirements.  If you are lucky enough to touch them throughout your work travels, hold on for dear life.  But the rest of us will continue to work as a means to an end.

Personally, I don’t think being honest about your work motives should cast you in a negative light.  In fact, I would appreciate the honesty.  After all, employer/employee loyalty is all but dead.  In a world where the best chance to get a pay raise is by hopping to another job, how could you expect the system to operate any differently?

If you are think about how to make more money, besides asking for a raise, sometimes it might be better to look for another job. So admit it – people work for the money.  Case closed.  Come clean in the comments section below. 

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