What Teenagers Learn While Working for Fast Food Chains

Fast food positions are often looked down upon, or thought of as a last resort for the jobless. “Overworked and underpaid,” as some begrudgingly put it, working as a cashier at your favorite burger joint may not be the ideal life-long career. But as a teenager the lessons learned as a fast food employee are more valuable than you may think. If you are interested in working in the fast food industry, visit job-applications.com to apply for jobs that will help you gain a surprising amount of real-life experience. This is what you’ll learn:

How People Respond to the Way They Are Treated

An essential lesson to learn in life is that you can’t control how others behave. In a fast food setting, you’ll interact with a diverse group of people. Not only will you learn how to treat and not treat people, but you’ll see how people respond to the way they are treated. Whether it’s an angry customer’s face that brightens after someone sincerely says they’re sorry or an employee who spits in a customer’s order because he or she was rude – there’s power in learning how people react to the way they are treated.

Team Work

If there’s anything important in life, it’s being able to work well with others. What better way to master this skill than working in an assembly-line, customer-based atmosphere? While future professors and employers may not be super impressed at your burger-flipping skills, they’ll admire and desire your ability to work in a team setting.

How a Corporation Works

If you plan to work your way up the management ladder and some day own a corporation, you need to understand how one works. Working at the lowest level of a company can teach you the impact each employee has on a company’s success or failure. This knowledge can help you become a compassionate, easy-to-relate-to manager in the future.

Time Management

A major set back for college freshmen is their inability to properly manage their time. Faced with so much to do in what seems like so little time can have a crippling affect. Working at a fast food joint can teach a teenager responsibility in money and time management. With less free time available, teenagers value their time more and learn to budget, study and plan activities around their work schedule.

How to Perform Under Pressure

In every job, stressful situations arise and an employee is forced to meet demands or fall to the wayside. When faced with grumpy customers in long lines, a spill that needs cleaning up and a French fry shortage, fast food workers are required to multi-task and practice their decision-making skills— all while sporting a smile. It may take some time, but eventually you’ll enter a sticky situation and realize you don’t even feel nervous about solving the problem.

The Secrets of Fast Food

As a behind-the-scenes employee at a fast food restaurant, you’ll learn all the secrets of the industry. You’ll get close and personal with facts like how fresh is fresh and how clean is clean when it comes to burgers and what they’re grilled on. Tricks of the trade may be knowing what special items you can order that aren’t on the menu, or how fast drive-through orders must be delivered. You may also (nutritionally) benefit from never wanting to eat there again.

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