Why Your Boss Secretly Hates Remote Work

Common sense and multiple surveys tell us that a majority of workers believe they can do their jobs from home. Even President Obama often extols the virtues of remote work. We know that at-home workers have greater flexibility, in theory, improving their work-life balance. Add in the money employees save on commuting costs and the money companies save on skyrocketing utilities, and it equals a big win for Mother Nature.

But there’s a dirty little secret that corporate America doesn’t want you to know. The reality is, most employers are not supportive of remote working. In an attempt to appear progressive, they pretend that flexible schedules are more of an option than they really are.

Here are the reasons your boss wants to make sure your butt is at the office on a daily basis:

Control. When you work from home your boss can’t call you into his office on a whim. And let’s be honest, many bosses, especially ones who have held positions of power for decades, love to do this. When bosses bloviate, employees get reminded who is running the show.

Appearance. A big building on Main Street and a sizable and visible staff will feed the ego of most head honchos. Empty conference rooms and parking lots will make it hard for business owners to justify holding on to a brick and mortar HQ. Even when a business is born in a basement, you’ll notice that one of the first moves the owners make if they’re successful is to secure office space. Yes, the space might be justified—but the perception of the company is also a major factor.

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